G is for Gordon – Pagan Blog Project 2013

Hey! So I’m definitely behind on this. I’ve got some ideas for my second “G” post, but I’m going with this one for new due to some unforeseen events that just rocked our little world.
Basically, our most significant and most reliable income source just dried up (for the next three months at least) with no notice what-so-ever. And so I find myself turning to Gordon, of Rune Soup fame, and his various writings on sigil magic and shoaling.
I’m not great at sigils. I’m far better at using symbols that already have a history of meaning X, Y, and Z than I am at creating and charging them on my own and, beyond that, I’m better at making honey pots and mojo bags than anything else in my arsenal.
None the less, now feels like the time to push some energy around in the name of enchanting for things like (a) super-short-term temp contracts (filling in as a receptionist for a day or an afternoon, doing note-taking at a focus group, that kind of thing); (b) modeling work; (c) free samples and useful gifts; (d) dinner/visiting invitations at friends’ houses, in and out of town; (e) sex appeal[1]; (f) tech savvy; and (g) awesome chance meetings and unexpected follow-ups from new/old contacts. (Gordon has some suggestions for similar things here).
I’ve been feeding my honey pots consistently for months now, so they tend to be working pretty well, but it may be time to do a little Fast Luck magic to give them a bit of a boost.
I will also need to keep in mind the injunction to say Yes a lot (that link goes to another Gordon post – are you picking up on why I titled this post the way I did?) including to things that seem a little far fetched in terms of what my “normal life” looks like. This is a scary thing to do BUT it’s also a worthy and fairly sensible thing to do. Here’s hoping! O.O
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] See “modeling work” – there are many kinds to choose from, and I pretty much do them all.


3 responses to “G is for Gordon – Pagan Blog Project 2013

  1. Hey! How lovely to be a letter in the PBP!

    Good luck with your enchantment. Disrupted times are the best times for pushing at probabilities. I like to remind myself of that when I REALLY NEED something to come off… it goes some way to cancelling out that whole ‘lust of result’ thing.

    • The way I figure it, every little bit will help, so not to worry too much about which bit is effecting what in the long (or even short) run. 🙂

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