Garden Post (Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Plannin’ and Dreamin’…)

So I took a bit of a risk/plunge today. I spoke to the super of my building about possibly taking over the gardening of the two front beds of my apartment complex.
Of course, I said that I was planning on growing drought-tollerant, shade-loving ornamentals (partially because not much else would be happy growing there and partly because I’m honestly worried about possible soil toxicity), in spite of my long-term desire to grow, y’know, “ornamental” food crops (or at least rhubarb, kale, “neon lights” rainbow chard, and maybe some black currants) in amongst the yarrow, mallow, peppermint, and chives…
There is, of course, a strong likelihood that my request will be denied. The building is owned by a large (ish) local property management company, and they have Views about how the frontage should look. None the less, given how it looked a year ago (drought-stricken, unwatered, and really, really crispy) I think I at least have bit of a chance at getting what I want.
Anyway. Here’s hoping. If nothing else, I should (I hope!) be able to keep my window boxes and grow some salad herbs or something, if nothing else. (My dreams of gorgeous, prolific squash may have to wait another year or so).
Meliad the Birch Maiden.

4 responses to “Garden Post (Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Plannin’ and Dreamin’…)

  1. I think it’s smart to worry about toxicity! Especially if you’re planning on dried herbs. Ornamental plants should be fun/exercise for food garden, anyway. Have you got potted food/spice plants in your apartment?

    /blackthumb has to poke her nose into everything

    • When I have a big enough space, I tend to do a mixture of both – although my ornamentals tend towards “edible/medicinal flowering herbs” a lot of the time.

      As it stands, I still have my three big “pots” of earth that I used last summer and the summer before for container gardening. I have considered setting them up in the “dining room” (one of the few spots where we’ve got any direct sunlight) in order to grow stuff indoors but… I would need to choose my plants carefully if I wanted grow things in a space with no polinators. I’ve got a couple of “bush” winter squash plants that I might (maybe) be able to coax to grow in a pot, and those have flowers big enough that I could polinate them myself using a q-tip (probably). But, beyond that, I’d be pretty limited to stuff that (a) could self-polinate (you just give the plant a shake every now and then) or (b) could be wind-polinated (using an electric fan).

      In any case… Look. I would gleefully set up a little garden space, with a tiny bistro table and everything, but the “dining room” is currently where we’re storing my wife’s tools (which, all told, could easily fill a bathroom – not a bath tub, a bathroom) and we’ve got a ways to go, interms of down-sizing and de-cluttering before I can set up my would-be solarium.
      None the less. I have the equipment. I just need the space. 😉 (I would grow leafy greens, baby tomatoes (perhaps) plus basil, and maybe try growing a bush delecata winter squash with some nasturtiums. I’d also start my own rhubarb plant in a large pot of its own. 🙂

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