H is for Hearth Magic – Pagan Blog Project 2013

So, a couple of PBP posts ago, I wrote G is for Gordon, and talked about some of the financial stuff going on in my life right now. Today, I’m trying a candle spell (because my magical “arsenal” is pretty limitted) that’s intended to push the probabilities in a particular dirrection.
I’ve gone with an appropriately coloured candle (no, not green for growth/abundance, but red for go-go-go!) and have blended a sellection of essential oils – which include “secondary” correspondences to things like protection and purification – into some coconut oil (for fast luck, because every little bit helps) for dressing the candle. I’ve engraved the candle, itself, with a few suitable simbols. I wouldn’t go so far as to call the sigils, but they’ll do the trick. I’ve pushed a heap of energy into the candle, until the symbols fairly glowed (or until I could picture them fairly glowing, as the case may be), and set it to burning in my kitchen (seat of abundance and stability, among other things) with a request to my Ladies and Ancestors that they lend a hand where they can. 🙂
My candle – which is a long taper candle from, yes, the dollar store (I feed my gods home-made beeswax candles… but I’m going with cheap and readily available here. No particular reason not to) is lit, and the spell begun. I’m burning some incense (or trying) alongside it, to add a little extra oomph. My hands smell heavily of cinnamon (huzzah – and also bonus!) and I have some extra dressing oil on hand for if/when I want to run this spell again.
As far as pushing probabilities goes… I doubt I particularly good at it. I tend to have fairly specific goals in mind, even if I what I’m inscribing on the candle is closer to “full larder, happy home, good sex life and, oh yeah, stable income that is higher than our expenses”. So we’ll see how this works. My general thought on the subject is: Meh. My other magic has worked. Why not give this a try?
Anyway. So that’s where I’m at just now. 🙂
Meliad the Birch Maiden.


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