H is for Hearth and Home – Pagan Blog Project 2013

My altars are lit – a day later than “usual”, since I’m working a temp job on week-days for the next little bit – and I have a new batch of bread dough rising on the counter (covered with a dinner plate, in the interests of avoiding Plastic Wrap[1]). I’m on my own this evening – my lovely wife is off at a Leather event, raising money for the local Youth Services Bureau’s street outreach programs, and getting her name (further) out there as the woman to go to if you need your fabulous shoes repaired. I’m looking at an easy, somewhat vegitative night of watching movies (“Gladiator” and/or “Princess Mononoke”, for all my polytheistic needs, apparently) and maybe getting some small amount of basic tidying done.
Things have been a little helter-skelter around here of late.
I know, I know, things are always a bit of a mess. But it’s worse than usual due to some Unforseen Difficulties that have my wife dealing with a rage-filled grieving process and have us both scurrying to find whatever paid work we can (thense my outside-the-home temp job, among other things). It means that we’re both out of the house during the day, and both tired (and slightly cranky) in the evenings, and it means that our “dining room” (never the tidyest of spots, since it tends to double as my work-space) has become a second storage area where my wife’s tools (she is a master carpenter, so she has a lot of them) are living until we can get ahold of a van or a storage locker or somewhere that they can live when she’s not using them for a job.
Things are feeling cluttered and crowded and a little claustrophobic and, frankly, it’s getting on both of our nerves.
So. What do I do about it.
Miss Sugar has this suggestion, that when you can’t find the where-with-all to clean your physical/material house, you can at least clear your energetic house and give it a good going-over. In my case, this means opening up the windows and going around the place with a stick of incense, quietly chanting “Only love may enter here” while re-energizing The Shields and similar.
Tonight is going to be a lot more mundane than that. Finding the books and putting them back on the shelves. Washing the dozen or so coffee cups that have accumulated by the sink. Folding up the dry laundry and putting the rack away again. Undoing the skeins of hand-spun yarn and winding them all up into single (by colour) balls, which can be put away in my yarn bag rather than sitting out on my ill-used dining room table. I might go so far as to burn some “purification” incense (yes, I buy stuff in packages that have labels for what they’re supposed to do – I’ve got “prosperity” in stick form, and “purification” in cone form, among other things).
My wife and I are making Tentative Plans, money uncertainty notwithstanding, to go out for a breakfast date tomorrow morning. Because we both need some time out of the house, and because we both miss each others’ company a LOT. I think it’ll help. šŸ™‚
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] I figure, if it works for Erica, it’ll work for me.

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