I is for Indication – Pagan Blog Project 2013

So. Some of you may have seen my recent Full Moon post. Well, this PBP13 post is related. Remember what I said about trying to balance [keeping us financially solvent] with [following my passions and doing what makes me feel alive]? Well, on Monday, I got a gentle but pointed reminder of how important the second half of that “balance” is.
The temp job I was hired for was as a stand-in-assistant in a situation where a bunch of people had done the Secretarial Shuffle, with each person higher up the ladder borrowing the EA of the person below them, leaving someone (the guy I wound up working for) in need of some outside help. They were expecting this to last for a couple of weeks, minimum, maybe longer. A lot of my, well, whinging of late has had to do with figuring out how to handle that possible extension, if it came to pass.
It is not going to come to pass.
The Secretary Shuffle has been re-shuffled and everyone is back in their usual places. Leaving me with – bonus – a contract that my employers are still willing to honour (thank freaking goodness!) but also the certainty that I’m not going to find myself asking “Do I keep going with the boring-but-temporarily-reliable minimum wage job, or do I go back to doing The Hustle, which is far less certain, but far better paying (per hour) and far more enjoyable in general? Hmmm.”
I’ve heard people (like Del and, I think, Wintersong) talk about how, if your gods seriously want you to Do X, they will take away the things that are getting in the way of your Doing X.
While I don’t think I’m in anything even slightly related to a god-slave relationship (thank you!), I do think that my gods may have just handed me an answer (or at least a partial answer) to my question “How do I force myself to create-create-create…?” as well as my whinging about what should I be prioritizing.
Handy when that happens, eh?
Meilad the Birch Maiden.

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