New Moon – Lilac Moon Begins

The lilacs started blooming inside of 24 hours ago, so I’m feeling more than a little justified in calling this lunar cycle Lilac Moon.
Right now, there are thick, grey clouds hanging overhead, offering – though not quite promising – a good, heavy rainfall before the night is out. (Personally, since I have an event tonight, I’m hoping that it doesn’t start up until around 3am… but that’s just me).
I bought herbs today – purple basil, lemon verbena, and peppermint – to go in my window boxes once the danger of frost has well and truly passed (I know – it’s been wonderfully summery for the past couple of weeks, and I’m loving it, but I hear that we’re due for a bit of chillier weather – of the barely above freezing sort – over the weekend, and I don’t want to be putting anything out in the Weather unless it’s, like, kale, or chard, or some other hardy creature).

A friend has offered me garden space for squash, beans, and anything else I feel like growing, and I’m more than a little inclined to throw some chervil, ground-cherry starts, and sweet cherry million tomatoes in with all the goodies that I’ve got in my seed box… but that’ll have to wait another week or two. The turnip greens, rainbow chard, and two types of kale however… they can get sown out any old time. 😉
All green and growing things are waking up and blooming like anything. The serviceberries will be starting to form their fruit soon, and I’m looking forward to, y’know, actually paying attention them this year (unlike last year, when I missed the whole thing. The crab apples, sweet apples, sour cherries, choke cherries, pears, and plums are all getting their bloom on and the air smells deliciously, sweetly, of plant sex whenever the wind blows my way. 🙂
Lilac Moon is Misha’s Moon, both by name and by energetics.
This cycle is a time of balancing investment and careful planning (what to plant and when) with taking risks and trusting in the abundance of the land (gathering wild foods like dandelions, fiddleheads, garlic mustard, and ramps[1]).
What will you plant – literally and figuratively – in the hope of a good harvest? In what practices and projects are you willing to invest your time, energy, and attention in order to help them bear their desired fruit?
What will you risk, trusting the abundance of our Mother to provide?
In spite of my lack of passion around office work, I’ve opted to accept an extension of my contract, working half-days for an extra two weeks in an environment where the people are pleasant, and the walk to work gets me out into the sunshine and, not to be sneezed at, past a patch thick with garlic mustard and dandelion greens, every day, while also giving me the home-based hours I need to do my other work, focus on my writing, take modeling jobs as they arrive, and honour my commitments to my other employer, my course of study, my gods, and my family.
Last night, my poetry showcase came to an end after four years (literally – it was our anniversary last night) of monthly shows. While I’m still “keeping my hand in” with the option of hosting occasional Special Presentations, the show will no-longer be a monthly endeavor. This gives me the opportunity to invest in my own poetry (with the target of a feature performance in September/October… aptly enough given the theme of planting goals and harvests yet to come) rather than being a poetic-administrator all the time.
My writing goals – those crops which I’m planting and tending – include:
1) Continuing to work steadily on my novel, at a pace of 1000 words/day
2) Completing a (probably self-published) chapbook in time for September 2013
3) Editing a book of personal essays (one or two of mine to be included) on Polyamoury and O/p (D/s) Power Dynamics to be produced in 2014 and released a little over a year from now.
Other goals including investing time, energy, and attention in my new business endeavor, and re-investing time, energy, and attention in an old one that’s been neglected for the past few months.
I’m investing in a vegetable garden, located near my house (in a friend’s yard); further investing in my marriage, both as a romance and as a power-exchange; and am pouring more time, energy, and attention into the contents of my kitchen – making bread, instead of buying it; more deliberately gathering wild (and cultivated) food and preserving it as it comes in with a wiser eye to what my wife and I will actually eat through the year; using last year’s jams in this season’s baking; and otherwise getting creative with how to use what I already have instead of planning grocery lists around what I want at any given moment.
But I’m also trusting that, in spite of a very, very big drop in combined income, my wife and I will continue to be just fine, that freelance work (of numerous types) will continue to come in, and that neither of us will have to give up our dreams and goals (and investments) in order to keep the roof over our heads. Trusting that, if I put in my 1000 words a day, I’ll wind up with characters that tell me what they need to be saying and that I’ll wind up with a workable, acceptable manuscript by the time my story finds its end. Trusting that the rainfall this summer will be at “normal levels” rather than our getting another drought (or an unexpected deluge for-which we aren’t prepared); that all of my seeds and starts won’t get dug up and eaten by the squirrels. That Sun and Earth and Water will all provide in their turn. 😉
So that’s my hope and my trust, my risk and my investment, laid out for Lilac Moon. What’s yours?
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] I spent some time the other day steaming bunches of dandelions and garlic mustard (AKA aoli, apparently) for the freezer, thus possibly combining this Moon’s planning with its opportunism in one action.


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