J is for Jerry-Rigged – Pagan Blog Project 2013

So this post is almost a week late, in part because my original “J is for Journeys” idea would require me to sit down for an hour and actually attempt some journeying.
Right now, I’m working half-days in an office, and playing catch-up on all my other work during the hours between my getting home and my wife (and, occasionally, one of her other girlfriends) coming in the door. That’s about three hours a day, FYI. Lots of time, particularly since I started pushing the habit of not using the internet while I’m Getting Things Done on the computer.
It’s not a perfect system, but it’s loads better than what I was doing before.
At the moment, I’m also Getting Domestic – in that cooking and canning and baking sense of the word. I’ve committed to baking our weekly bread (we go through one loaf in about two days, give or take, so I tend to bake bread twice a week and make enough to get two loaves out of the deal. My latest batch turned out really well, if I do say so myself); I’ve been picking wild greens (mostly garlic mustard, some dandelions) and steaming-and-freezing them for later use in stews and pasta dishes; and I’m currently making (a) duck-based soup stock, and (b) a strawberry[1]-rhubarb[2] custard pie with a merengue to be spooned on top of it all (in another 20 minutes or so) and then finished in the oven again. I’ll be doing up a strawberry-rhubarb syrup to go with it all in short order, and my next plan for the slow-cooker (which has been going pretty-much non-stop since Monday afternoon) is, uhm… yoghurt. If you can believe it. :-\
Granted, I have no idea what tonight’s dinner is going to be. Probably pasta. With alfredo sauce-from-a-jar and frozen veggies (from a store)[3].
Thence the inspiration for “jerry-rigged”.
See, the kind of magic I do is intimately related to the kind of cooking I do: I tend to go with what’s available and sub things out willy-nilly when I need to make things work. Like my cooking, my magical “pantry” is slowly filling up as I sort out what “basics” I’m most likely to need at the drop of a hat in order to cobble together a honey pot[4], a candle spell, a come-to-me salve, or a magically-infused bit of clothing or jewelry.
That’s kitchen-craft for you, whether there’s a Big or a little “C” on “craft”. Use it over, use it up, and make it work. 🙂
In my cooking-craft, my go-to items are:
Milk, eggs, flour, sugar, pasta, tomatoes (tinned or fresh, sometimes dried, sometimes combined with other things), greens of whatever variety is available (froze or fresh), garlic, balsamic vinegar, and butter. Although gods bless my spice rack and my leavening agents, too, I don’t mind telling you.
My magical-craft go-to items are a little different.
Honey, candles, cinnamon, basil, bay, rosemary (or cedar or salt), mason jars, pen & paper, water, coconut oil, and the contents of my beading kit and my essential oils box.
I know.
I’m totally cheating my listing “beading kit” and “essential oils box” as singular items, but there you have it. I see them as being a bit like my spice rack when it comes to cooking. 😉
So. What are you magical go-to items?
Meliad the Birch Maiden
[1] Frozen. I picked up a bag of frozen berries from the Metro a couple of days ago, so that I can keep doing yoghurt-and-berries (and vanilla and honey) for breakfast. Thence my desire to try making yoghurt, since $8/week is a lot to feed my breakfast habit, knowhatimean?
[2] One big stalk and one tiny stalk, yanked from a neighbour’s front yard patch that is starting to bolt on them. (I broke off all the flowers on my way to the office-job this morning. You’re welcome. I’ll most likely be back.
[3] A-ha! Not so Radical-Home-Maker now, am I? 😉
[4] Which reminds me: I need to restock on honey!


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