K is for Kvetch – Pagan Blog Project 2013

Okay. This is another one of those posts where the topic’s connection to Paganism is not immediately obvious (unless you’re part of a particularly grouchy Pagan community, at any rate).
In this case “kvetch” really does mean bitching and whining and complaining about the parts of your life that don’t match up with the Perfect Day that you have pictured in your head. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed a bit lately. Overwhelmed by stuff. Overwhelmed by situations (and seriously underwhelmed – or at least unimpressed – by them, too). I have two dying tomato plants and one fairly dead basil plant sitting in a beautiful pot that has no drainage holes.
Which I suspect is the problem. Dammit. 😦
I’m worrying about the air quality in the house – it’s been very damp of late, and I seem to have mold growing on the surface of some of my soil… And my attempt at an oyster-mushroom farm is… not working. Yet. :-\
I’m short on candles (for over a week now), and making more means digging the wax out of where-ever I put it in the suddenly-not-so-accessible work room… so I haven’t made more. I am tired of office work, but appreciate the fact that I have money coming in because I got my first modeling gig in over a month (at the same place as the last one, as it happens – thank you, cancelation!) today, and I don’t know if there will be many more coming (fingers crossed for a week of pre-animation in July/August) before September.
These days, all I want to do when I get home is Make Stuff – as in cooking and DIY clothes and hand-spinning – write (YAY!) and garden (not-so-yay, given my lack of a home-based garden bed, but I’m working on it).
So what does this have to do with magic? What does this have to do with My Perfect Day?
The first bit is that I can lose sight of “my perfect day”[1] when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Magic requires focus and intent and, if all you can think of is “My perfect day includes not finding any more ants in the bathroom” (er… for example), well… Okay, you’ll definitely be able to enchant for that particular item, but maybe not-so-well when it comes to all the other little bits and pieces that make up your Perfect Day.
The other bit involves Starhawk. I do have the word “goddesses” right up at the top of the page, kids, so don’t look so surprised. 😉
Basically, Starhawk defines magic as “the act of changing consciousness a will”. So what I’m getting at with this one is that, while you can use magic like a big lever and create changes in The Universe (that, conveniently, work in your favour), you can also use that big lever to create changes inside yourself.
You can use magic to push yourself towards better focus, a more positive outlook[2], the ability to see the opportunities around you, and so-on (I tend to use ritual baths for this stuff, because I’m a watery creature but also because the bath itself also helps).
Personally, I think using both techniques is probably a good bet. 😉
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] Although based on what I want to be spending my time doing right now? I don’t think that’s actually what’s happening here.
[2] No, I am definitely NOT talking about “The Secret”.


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