Herbs for Witches: Handy Things to Know (Courtesy of The Witch of Forest Grove)

Posting a small heap of links pertaining to the magical and medicinal uses of various handy wild herbs (weeds) that grow around my neighbourhood and, apparently, also in BC.
Bittersweet (Woody Nightshade) – To mend a broken heart and to access the World Tree, among other things. (Not the same Nightshade as the one in Flying Ointment, FYI).
Red and White Clover – To attract money and prosperity, or chase out evil (red), to break curses (white), among other things.
Dandelion – To enhance psychic ability, also good for making poppets, among other things.
Hedge Bindweed (and Morning Glories) – For binding and guarding/crossing thresholds among other things. Roots can be substituted for High John the Conqueror, apparently (good to know).
Mullein – To keep away nightmares, among other things. Tea encourages prophetic and lucid dreams. Useful for seeing into the Otherworld(s).

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