New Moon – Rose Moon Begins

Strictly speaking, Rose Moon (or Serviceberry Moon, or Sour Cherry Moon, whatever you’re inclined to call it) started on Friday. Coincidentally that is also when I re-started working-entirely-from-home. (Isn’t that a more “new beginnings” way of putting it than “my temp contract ended”?)
I’m rather happy about that last bit, actually. I keep thinking about all the Things That I Have To Do – things I’ve been neglecting, things that I’ve been rushing to complete, things that I’ve been putting off… you name it… and now I see these full days, whole days (which, combined with my wife’s later work-start time, are looking like upwards of ten hours long, rather than the four hours or less I had available during the past month) where I can do my home-cooking, my homework, and my home-as-office work, too.

The days are long – literally, as we’re approaching MidSummer (Rose Moon will be cresting right around the time of Summer Solstice, so that’s something to keep in mind with any work or Work you’re doing at this time), and, for the first time in months (since before Leaf Moon began, actually) I am feeling excited about around-the-house projects and the possibilities contained there-in.
This is maybe not surprising. Rose Moon comes with a caveat about not spreading oneself too thin – be careful not to crowd out all the stuff you planted during Lilac Moon by adding more stuff (more projects, more commitments, more seeds) to your literal or metaphorical garden[1]. Instead, cultivate your investments. Do the daily maintenance of watering and weeding, actively thin things out where you have to in order to help a few sellect investments grow strong and deep and verdent (rather than being starved for light/attention/nutrients/time due to having too many commitments at once).
And, of course, take time to stop and smell the roses. 😉
My handy little calendar says, essentially, that, even as June is busting out all over, one can take a lesson from Scorpio and Root Time at the other end of the year, and remember to cultivate some stillness, some quiet, and pay attention to that which grows below the surface, too.
If Rose Moon is a month for maintenance, what will I be maintaining? My goals are to
1) keep on keepin’ on with The Novel, continuing to put in my one thousand words per day
2) to work on the upkeep of my Marriage (as a romance and as an O/p dynamic) and, simultaneously, my apartment, by sorting out our list of maintenance-and-repairs projects and establishing a timeline for when and how they will get done. (Wish me luck on that one).
3) to continue to make our daily bread, and as much of our day-to-day meals, from scratch
4) to generally beat back the metaphorical weeds that have been choking out my Real Work these past two months and catch up on everything that I’ve, erm, been letting slide. (Wish me luck on that one, too).
While I’m at it, here’s hoping that I can manage to get out with my wife on her motorbike for a few long, leisurely drives along the Saint Lawrence and through the Ottawa Valley, ideally with picnic fixing in the back pack and the chance to stop, sit by the water, and connect. 🙂
Wish me luck!
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] This from someone who quite happily adds stuff to her literal garden, when she has one, right up until mid-June.


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