Yarrow – Some Things To Know

I have yarrow leaves drying in my oven (it does not take long, believe me).
Yarrow’s a funny one. It’s a love plant – use it in love spells and relationship-related divination; but it’s also a plant for psychic awareness and protection from curses: add it to a bath to cleanse oneself of nasty psychic gunk or sprinkle the flowers across your threshold to ward off ill intentions. Carrying it around with you can help you get through stage fright or interview fears and may also aid in chance meetings with people you’ve been wanting to run into. Medicinally it works as a poultice (leaves) to staunch bleeding, and as a tea (flowers) to start it, in the menstrual sense. It also works as an anti-inflamatory and (again with the tea, although possibly cold this time) can be good as a facial toner to help with acne and similar. (Note: Occasional it has the opposite effect – discontinue use if you get a rash or other allergic reaction. Seriously).
Yarrow grows, well, anywhere. But it grows particularly happily in scrub land and disturbed soil. Border country, if you will.
Or maybe I’m just drawing that parallel because it works so well – magically and medicinally – on the borders of things: The edge between life and not-life, for one, and around meetings and the realm of chance (and take-no-chances).
Because yarrow is a meadow plant, and because it’s connected with bridal flowers, and because it’s connected to the kind of divination that you get in, er, Llewelyn books , I tend to think of it as being connected to Misha – Youth and adventure and the first blushes of romance. However, given what it actually does, it’s got more in common with Maia (healing, psychic ability) and – even more-so – with Makaa (edges, chance, life-and-death-and-not-yet-born, psychic ability, and both pushing and defending one’s boundaries).
Courtesy of Cliff and Magnus Manske
Wiki Commons
Meliad the Birch Maiden.


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