Yoghurt-Making – Part Two

So, as you know bob, I tried my hand at making yoghurt a couple of times and, so far, it hasn’t really worked.
Well, this time around I think… alright, if I don’t have it exactly, I’m a hell of a lot closer than I was.
I used some of Thalassa’s instructions on how to do it in a slow-cooker without over-cooking the culture and… I seem to have wound up with, well, very, very, very liquidy yoghurt.
But it’s still yoghurt!
What I did:
Mix 2C homogenized milk with about 1/4C yoghurt (I didn’t have any more than that, so I made due).
Poured it all into the slow cooker, cold.
Turned the slow cooker on to “keep warm” and let it sit for about an hour.
Turned off the heat and gave things a stir, then covered and let sit for another hour.
Turned the heat back on to “keep warm”, gave it another stir, and let it sit for a further hour.
Turned the heat off, gave it another stir, and let it sit for another hour.
Turned the heat back on to “keep warm”, gave it another stir, and let it sit… and then started worrying that I’d cooked it too long.
Turned off the heat, poured everything into an empty (and well-washed) yoghurt container, and sat it in the fridge, with the lid askew, to let it “set up” over night.
… It worked. It’s nowhere near as thick as I like it (and this may be why Thalassa’s instruction included “add half a cup of powered milk to your mix” – though I’ve done that with yoghurt before and, while it does solve the thickness problem, it also gives the yoghurt a rathr funny, almost grainy texture… that I’m not fond of), but it is YOGHURT and not some sort of failed attempt at cheese.
So there you have it. I shall try again another time. With any luck, the yoghurt I’ve made will be enough to act as a starter for the next batch. 🙂
EDITED TO ADD: After letting the yoghurt sit in the fridge for another day, the whey (there was a LOT of whey) and the yoghurt separated. I was able to drain off the whey (through a sieve lined with a paper coffee filter) and have about 1C decent, reasonably thick yoghurt to work with. 😀 Yoghurt-and-(Frozen)-Raspberries-Breakfast for me! Woohoo! 😀 /EDIT
Meliad the Birch Maiden.


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