Full Moon – Rose Moon Crests (SUPER MOON!)

I’m writing this a few days late, having spent the weekend getting the house back in (some semblance of) order. The roses in my neighbourhood are these vast swaths of deep pink and dark red, billowing down walk-ways, around corners and up the sides of houses to the second balcony. Walking on a humid evening, I’m surprised their scent doesn’t cling to my skin.
It’s wonderful.
The service berries are starting to be ripe – in another week, there will be tonnes of them (of course, they’re small enough that “tonnes” means that, by shaking a tree, you might get two cups worth… but still). I got to introduce a friend to them yesterday. I’m not sure why they’re called Service Berries here when, everywhere else (apparently), they’re called Sakatoons.
One of my guerrilla-gardened squash seeds has germinated and poked its head above the soil. I’m hoping last night’s thunder storm has given it plenty of water and a good start to Taking Over that particular corner. (Someone else has planted corn all through the same island, so I think this might work out well – of course, the lack of beans might end up being a Thing).

My wife and I celebrated six months of marriage together on Summer Solstice, too, which was quite lovely (we toasted with rhubarb wine – brought to us by one of her other partners, no less – which was sweet and mellow and lovely…. And in good keeping with the season. I made Rhubarb-serviceberry-custard pie, as well).
Much to my dismay, we missed seeing the Super Moon – but got a thunderstorm featuring fork lightning instead, so I’ll take it. 😉
Heh. Remember what I said about having to be careful, during Rose Moon, not to crowd out all the stuff you “planted” a month earlier, by adding too many new projects? I feel like I’ve done just that. I haven’t been writing my thousand words a day this week. I’ve been writing, sure, but it’s been posts for Urban Meliad and “writing exercises” to try and get me more secure in the plot and characterization in my manuscript, rather than just slogging through the word-count.
And that’s not, strictly speaking, a bad thing. But it is a thing and worth noting.
As far as the other things that I’ve been trying to Maintain during this moon cycle… Okay-ish? The novel continues to be plugged away at, albeit not exactly as I’d envisioned, I’m still making bread on a frequent and regular basis (need to start a new batch today[1]), am catching up with All The Things (although I have a LOT of things still to slog through this week), and actually managed to get my girl and me out on a Nice Walk together after work last week (which, okay, was partially so we could pick up one of her other partners who was feeling kind of down, but also meant that we got out for a bit of a stroll. So I’m counting it as Relationship Maintenance).
Things aren’t perfect – but when are they, ever? – my beloved, while working her dream job, is also very, very, very tired because this stuff eats a lot of hours over the summer. We are still, basically, living out of plastic bags[2] and we still need to do the Great Locker Switcheroo of 2013 before this place is really going to be looking ship-shape (and even then, there will be The Work Room to get back into order[3] and the general downsizing of our less-frequently-used possessions…). But things are also coming along. The house feels so much better now that the “dining room” is… Okay, it’s now a Sewing Area, but it’s sorted out and tidy and not full of haphazardly piled tools… and that makes a massive difference.
Hopefully the second half of Rose Moon will include:
Lots of service-berry picking
Making berry preserves (many of which will just be frozen-as-is, I think) and Rhubarbicue Sauce
Taking some of those motorcycle rides through the country and picnicking with my sweetie ❤
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] I tend to make one loaf, maybe two, at a time. Under slightly different circumstances, I might make six loaves of bread over the course of one afternoon, but with only two people eating it on the regular, and (still) a small freezer, I prefer to bake them as needed and avoid the potential for mold.
[2] Although I suspect this will make things much easier to deal with as we go through the process of weeding our wardrobes circa mid-July.
[3] With any luck, we will be clearing out half or more of one of our industrial shelving units. If we can swing clearing out a whole one, we might be able to transfer it to our locker and use it to help keep the storage organized in there, while also making the Work Room easier to navigate and the linens closet easier to access. All to the good, so here’s hoping! 🙂


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