Serviceberries A-Go-Go! :-D

This blog is almost two years old.
Know how I know?
Because I just went through my July 2011 posts to see if I could find the entry where I talk about picking service berries (turns out it’s actually on Syrens) and ran smack into the first entry on Urban Meliad instead.
You may recall that, this time (almost) last year, I was berating myself for having missed 100% of the serviceberry season? Know how we had an unusually early (and kind of disasterously early, if you’re an apple farmer or like apples) summer last year?
Guess what time it is! 😀

Serviceberries (AKA: Juneberries; Saskatoon Berries)
Courtesy of Leo Michels
Wiki Media Commons

I’ve been watching them ripening, like a hawk, for a month now and, at last, they’re ready! I’ve been picking them by the litre for the past two days! We had serviceberry shortcake for dessert last night and I’m freezing my second batch of them now. 😀
(To freeze: wash them, then layer them in single layers in a cake pan with sheets of plastic wrap, waxed paper, maybe even newspaper, between them. Freeze them solid, then dump them into a freezer bag or a tupperware. Done!)
There will be pie by the end of the week! 😀
Where am I getting all these delicious berries?
Whe, everywhere, my dears! 😀
There is a stand of them growing at the corner of Preston and Somerset. There’s at least one growing in the yard at the Plant Bath. There are half a dozen new ones recently planted along the new bike-path the flanks the O-train tracks. There are a few new ones planted along Bronson (and ajoining corners) as part of the Bronson Rehabilitation Project. There are half a dozen planted in front of each of two apartment complexes on Macleod. One burried amongst the box elders edging the front yard of a multi-story rental unit on Flora. There are at least five in Dundonald Park, and at least one on Cooper, outside a low-rise apartment building.
In the course of picking these available-to-all berries, I’ve introduced half a dozen or more people to the taste and edibility of them (inculding one guy who told me, confidently, that I shouldn’t eat those… and then looked at me very dubiously when I corrected him, told him I’d been eating them for years, and popped one in my mouth; and also the lady who exclaimed “Can you believe it?” over and over when she found out they were food. :-D)
I think that’s important. Much as I love having them available to me without much in the way of “competition”, there are so many, and I figure: If I get to eat ’em for free, I should probably make sure other people can, too. 🙂
Next up on the list of wonderful ripening things? Sour cherries! I give it a week, maybe ten days, and I’ll be hitting my usual haunts for bright red cherries in (hopefully) profusion. 😀
Meliad the Birch Maiden.


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