Sour Cherries (also red currants)! :-D

The serviceberry trees are still heavy with fruit. And it’s dark and purple-blue, and so ripe it’s starting to fall off the trees. So if you haven’t been out to pick any yet, now would be the time. FYI.
I, however, have picked enough service berries to make two pies, a fruit custard… thing, a good litre and a half of frozen fruit, and – just this evening – three (ish – the third is only about half full) half-cup jars of serviceberry jam. The jam has a little bit of rhubarb thrown in, but it’s pretty much all berries. 🙂
I think I’m good for serviceberries this year.
Now my focus is turning to (a) sour cherries, and (b) red currants. I picked about a litre (meaning two cups, after pitting the fruit with a hair pin) of sour cherries off a neighbourhood tree this afternoon. They’re sitting, pitted, in my two-cup measure in the fridge. I have yet to determine whether they’ll be turned into pie, quick-frozen on a cookie sheet (likely), or just eaten fresh since, while they’re definitely not *sweet*, they are wonderfully refreshing on a hot, muggy day like today. (A bit like lemonade in that regard).

There’s a red currant bush a few blocks away that, I’m pretty sure, is sort of growing there by accident. It’s out in front of an apartment building, but it doesn’t look like anyone’s doing anything with it, or even really aware of what they have (unlike, say, the house a few blocks further south which has four or five red currant bushes plus one gooseberry bush, all planted in a row diagonally across their lawn – possibly to prevent people from cutting across the lawn instead of using the sidewalk to go around it). So I’m pretty sure those are fair game. I will be wandering back up that way either later this evening or tomorrow during the day to get myself some red currants (which will most likely be frozen, though they might be used to top up that cherry pie I’m thinking of making).
I also notice that pickling cukes are turning up in the “Product of Ontario” section of the grocery store. I’m pretty sure they’re the kind that grow in the ground, rather than hydroponically, so I think I’ll be getting some of those this weekend in the interest of (a) having more cucumbers around but, more to the point, (b) making us some pickles! 😀
It Begins. 😀


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