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Spicy Pickled Radishes (Extra-Tiny Batch) – Recipe Makes Half a Cup

So I did wind up making pickled radishes. While I was waiting for my last three jars of garlic-dill cucumber pickles to process. Because I’m… like that. Right.
Anyway. The recipe, below, used four of my guerrilla-gardened radishes, but could easily be doubled or quadrupled or whatever depending on how many radishes you have lying around.
It could potentially be made with fresh ginger (diced, like the garlic) and might do nicely with the addition of a quarter teaspoon of whole yellow mustard seeds as well. Not sure. Will try again next year (or with more radishes).
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Garlic-Dill Cucumber Pickles – 2013 (recipe)

So I’ve made (or almost made – I’ve got two more jars to fill with pickling solution, and then I need to process everything) six pints (2-cup jars) of garlic-dill cucumber pickles this year.
I may or may not make more, depending on (a) if I can find pickling cukes on discount, and (b) if I can dig up more pint jars out of the recesses of my work room. (Honestly, I don’t think that’ll be hard, but there you go).
I used a very similar recipe to last year‘s (only this year, I nearly forgot to put the garlic in. Ack!) with a few adjustments, mostly based on what I had available in the house.
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