Spicy Pickled Radishes (Extra-Tiny Batch) – Recipe Makes Half a Cup

So I did wind up making pickled radishes. While I was waiting for my last three jars of garlic-dill cucumber pickles to process. Because I’m… like that. Right.
Anyway. The recipe, below, used four of my guerrilla-gardened radishes, but could easily be doubled or quadrupled or whatever depending on how many radishes you have lying around.
It could potentially be made with fresh ginger (diced, like the garlic) and might do nicely with the addition of a quarter teaspoon of whole yellow mustard seeds as well. Not sure. Will try again next year (or with more radishes).

This makes a nice addition to a salad (think: Remoulade; Also think: Anything summery like cucumber-tomato salad. Also think: Stuff like this, although you’d need more radish pickle to go that route).
I also think it would be kick ass on burgers or broiled/grilled fish.
Spicy Pickled Radishes
Take 4 reasonably sized radishes
Dice with half a clove of uncured garlic
1/4 tsp each cumin and ground ginger
A pinch of cayenne
Bring to a boil:
1/4 C red wine vinegar[1]
1 tbsp water
1 tsp granulated sugar
1/4 tsp salt
Sterilize one half-cup jar.
Put your radish mixture into the jar (it should be very full).
Pour the vinegar mixture over the radishes.
Run a knife around the inside edge of the jar to let the air bubbles escape, and top up the pickling solution as needed (make more pickling solution if you need to).
Cap and process in a hot water bath.
And there you have it.
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] I used the last of the pickling solution left over from making this year’s garlic-dill cucumber pickles, topped up with a little sugar and red wine vinegar. Seems to be working out fine. 🙂

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