Talking About Crafts

I’m listening to this New World Witchery podcast about blending secular holidays with religious Pagan (Wiccan) ones, and it’s really kinda neat.

Also, my Etsy store just got featured on Miss Sugar’s Small Business Saturday post – which is kind of what I want to talk about. Basically, I got the heads up that she was going to be doing her bit to dirrect people to my wee little shop, and I basically went “ACK! I haven’t updated this thing since, like, May! O.O” and spent most of yesterday getting my stock updated (and, in a number of cases, renewed).
Which is good. It was a good kick in the ass, and I needed that.
And the funny thing is: I want to make more crafts now.
I want to make earrings and bracelets out of my wife’s leather scraps (various weights and thicknesses, no less) and our parrot’s molted feathers. I want to do slightly more witchy/enchanted stuff, too – like pendants or earrings featuring tiny vials of my “Happy Home” or “Great Sex” or “Friendly Money” oils (OR my “May Queen” or “Winter Solstice” oils for that matter) plus stones and charms that invoke those same things. Like hanging sodalite, rhodonite and tiger iron jasper with a vial of begamot, geranium, and sweet orange oils (in a carrier, of course) as a charm for confidence in public speaking.
I want to add candles (most likley tea lights) and soap (potentially felted soap, I admit, since I think it will hold the scent better that way) into my shop, partly in the name of variety (it’s been all earrings up until now), but also because those are the kinds of things that I wind up putting in my treasuries, so I might as well stock what I like.
I love creating things. It makes me happy. It’s hella fulfilling. It makes me feel like I can take care of myself and my people Because I Know How. …To cook & preserve, primarily, but also how to grow food, how to safely use lye to make soap, how to make warm clothes out of string (plus how to make said string out of animal hair), and how to make things that will safely burn in a saucer to create both heat and light. It’s a thing.
Anyway. That’s where I’m at right now.

Black Locust Blossom Honey

Black Locust Blossom Honey

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

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