New Moon – Thunder Moon Begins

Hi all!
So I’m writing this much earlier than is strictly necessary. Thunder Moon doesn’t actually start for another week [EDIT: It starts today, August 6th, thense my finally getting around to posting it. /EDIT]. None the less, here I am scribbling away. Probably because I’m all excited about creating my first Etsy Coupon. Hint: If you use coupon code ThunderMoon13 between August 6th and September 4th (the duration of Thunder Moon), you get 10% off any purchase of $20 or more at my shop.
Anyway. Thunder Moon.

Around here, we’ve been getting thunder storms since the last week of July. So you can see why this moon gets its name. Thunder Moon is when the beans in my old garden would ripen – I’d bring in gallon buckets of them once a week, moving among the bees who came out just before dusk started falling.
Thunder Moon is Action Month when it comes to canning, freezing, and otherwise preserving the bounty of the garden. This is the time when I hunt up baskets of Ontario peaches and Ottawa Valley tomatoes in order to make a year’s worth of fruit butters, salsas, and tomato sauces.
The bounty of the season encourages generocity – of resources as well as of spirit. Get together with friends, host (or attend) a community picnic, be generous with your time, your skills, your pantry, and your heart.
Wait… your heart?
Thunder Moon, with its celebratory nature and torential rains, always reminds me of this card:

Three of Water
The Polyamoury Card

Maybe you’re poly or maybe you’re not, but Thunder Moon challenges you to be big hearted either way. Thunder Moon is all about bonding, forming and maintaining trust in your community, your family/phamily, and your circles of friends. This is not a time to hide away, to be stingy with your heart, or to pretend that you can manage on your own. If you need help, now is the time to ask for it. If you can give help, now is the time to open up. Allow the outgoing exuberance of this time to lift you up. Don’t fight it. Rather, take this opportunity to connect with the people you love, even if the sky is falling, even if you have to ford a few rivers (or leap a few puddles) to get there.
When it rains, it pours. What is Thunder Moon pouring into your life right now?
Meliad the Birch Maiden. 🙂

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