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Q is for Queer – Pagan Blog Project 2013

Pride kicks off today, so you’re getting “Q is for Queer”.
Once upon a time – and there are a number of different times, in the past forty or so years, if not longer, that one could choose from – “dyke” and “witch” were deeply intertwined. Both in the sense of “feminist lesbian separatism” (cue: women’s land, the we’moon collective, all those lesbians wearing Labrys and/or Goddess pendants in order to flag, a distressing degree of biological reductionism, etc) and in the sense of linguistic terminology meant to police women’s sexual/social behaviour (in which case, you can also throw “ho” – and possibly “spinster/frigid”, into the mix).
How does my queerness, my bi-dyke-nicity (if you will), play into my paganism? Other than having a goddess who is a dyke, I mean.
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Peach Butter 2013

Happy Friday, folks! 🙂
My local Pride festival kicks off this weekend (this evening, I believe), so my calendar is getting busy. None the less, I’m also knee-deep (well, shin deep…) in fruit that needs to be processed, so today is going to be another cooking and crafting day chez Meliad.
A friend of mine lives out in the country, where she has a number of fruit trees (mostly hawthorn and crab apple, but also two sweet apples, a service berry, and the beginnings of a really great black raspberry patch). The apples are getting ripe, so she sent my lovely wife – who was out helping her build a porch roof – home last night with a back pack full of fruit.
She will be getting a thank-you jar of apple butter when this is all done. 😉
However, I’m not doing the apple butter just yet. I’ve had a dozen Niagara-area peaches (which were rock hard when I brought them home) sitting in a paper bag on top of the fridge, with an apple thrown in for good measure. I pulled them out today and they were definitely ripe – in a few cases, slightly too far past ripe – and ready to be stewed into peach butter.
So that’s what I’m making right now.
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