Full Moon – Thunder Moon Crests

I’m two days late with this one, although I feel I’m making up for that somewhat by writing it during a thunder storm. 😉
You may recall how I mentioned that Thunder Moon is “go season” when it comes to canning.
Well… I may have spoken too soon. I’ve done peach butter and apple butter (courtesy of a friend with an apple tree in her yard) but nothing else since Thunder Moon began. I’ve got 20lbs of tomatoes to buy before I get my sauces started, and that may not happen for a while. I do have soup stock (duck and turkey bones, for the most part) on the make in the slow-cooker, so that’s something, but… I’m feeling like a total slacker on the preserving foods front. (Maybe because I harvested and froze three different kinds of fruit, plus made cucumber pickles, radish pickles, serviceberry chutney, and service berry jam (soooooooooo much serviceberry jam) during Berry Moon, and my limited production in the past two weeks has me feeling slow in comparison.

As for the energy that Thunder Moon can call into our lives, let’s say that I’m trying to be big-hearted. It’s difficult. You know me and Brene Brown. Shame is the end of the vulnerability spectrum that I tend to occupy, and shame and stinginess (because both involve secrecy) go hand in hand.
I’ve been able to get out with friends, share food with people, offer my time to various causes and events. I’ll be seeing my out-of-town brother in another day, and my mom for the second time in a month. I was even able to participate in Reading Out Loud – a local Pride event – last night, which was wonderful. I lent out the books I read from, after the show, to a friend who I haven’t spent much time with lately. It was good to see her.
So that’s where I am, as Thunder Moon passes its half-way point and we start turning towards Harvest Moon. Where are you at with your family/phamily, with your projects?
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
P.S.: Coupon code ThunderMoon13 is still in effect (until September 4th) at my Esty store. Use it and get 10% off any purchase of $20 or more.

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