Q is for Questionable – Pagan Blog Project 2013

I know, I know, I’m a week late and playing catch-up.
So. Gordon, over at Rune Soup, has an old post about – among other things – being a white kid in Australia, doing white-people magic in a space where the (indiginous Australian) Neighbours do NOT want you to be.
I’m in a similar colonial boat.

I’m a white chick in Canada – specifically in the Ottawa Valley, which is Algonquin territory (Omàmiwininì people, including Kitchesipirini among others – more information here), and just north of what was (is?) Mississauga territory[1] – practicing bioregional animism. Sometimes I wonder if I’m stepping on anyone’s toes when, for example, I sing the praises of squash and grow it with beans (and corn – if I could get the stuff to grow. So far, it’s been “broom corn” and nothing else. Hrmph), give a nod to the crows, or use cedar as a cleansing insense rather than, like, rosemary or something else more European.
It’s interesting. My wife – she of the English and Welsh herritage (and citizenship) and the manifestly more sensitive-to-this-stuff nature – says that she can’t hear indiginous spirits. They’re there. But it’s like there’s a veil or a wall or something between her and them[2].
Messages from the OTherworld typically go right over my head[3], but I’d like to hope that, if Someone was really pissed at me about something, I’d at least pick up on a wave of “BACK OFF”. Alarm/aversion has gotten through before, so I think it would get through again.
To that end, I’m pretty sure I’m in the clear as far as Getting To Know The Neighbours, orienting my calendar to my bioregion’s seasonal changes, and using local plants in my kitchen, garden, and work go.
Still. Questionable?
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] You’d think, given the name, that this would have been Ottawa/Odawa territory (then again, it was -apparently – a significant trading area, so maybe that’s why?) but apparently their territories are up around Lake Huron.
[2] She’s really glad about that, becaus 10,000 years of conversation would be a little overwhelming. It certainly was in England.

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