Daily Archives: September 1, 2013

Time for a Crafty Post! (Leather, Felt, Sewing, Beading, and Preserves)

So it’s time to write about canning, cooking, and creativity again!
A friend of mine has a couple of apple trees, so she’s been sending me apples (like: 10-15 kilograms of apples) which, over the course of (mostly) this weekend, I’ve turned into 16 one-cup jars of apple butter.
I’m rather pleased with this, particularly since it’s actually a little bit more than that (I could probably fill another half-cup jar, but I’m not sure. I may just use what’s left to top up the already-open jar in the fridge).
Guess what the relatives are getting in their Xmas Goodie Baskets this year? 😉
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Pagan Fiction series: Thinking Out Loud (now with a poll!)

Reblogged this on The Breathings of My Heart, first, but wanted to toss it up here so that the pagan-oriented folks could find it. 🙂