Time for a Crafty Post! (Leather, Felt, Sewing, Beading, and Preserves)

So it’s time to write about canning, cooking, and creativity again!
A friend of mine has a couple of apple trees, so she’s been sending me apples (like: 10-15 kilograms of apples) which, over the course of (mostly) this weekend, I’ve turned into 16 one-cup jars of apple butter.
I’m rather pleased with this, particularly since it’s actually a little bit more than that (I could probably fill another half-cup jar, but I’m not sure. I may just use what’s left to top up the already-open jar in the fridge).
Guess what the relatives are getting in their Xmas Goodie Baskets this year? 😉

In other news:
I’ve started carving leather! 😀
I’m nowhere near (like: not even in the same galaxy) carving stuff like this, but I’ve made myself a flower which is at least slightly recognizable as a flower. I’m not sure what kind of flower, but still. Flower. There’s visible petals and such. 🙂
So, yeah. By “started” I mean literally started today, and we’ll see where (if anywhere) it goes from here. I think it could be a neat way to turn scrap vegetable-tanned leather (the stuff my wife uses to make boot soles) into brooches and pendants and coasters and such. Waste not, want not, right? 🙂
I’m sewing the under-harness for a Barbarella-style collar-suspenders-belt… thing. It’s for Unholy Harvest’s 2013 “Lust In Space” theme, and I’m hoping to turn some heads. (The things you can do with dollar-store plastic beads, mesh ribbon, and a lot of concentration!) Harvest isn’t until early October, though, so I’ve got a month to get it right. 😉 In theory, that will be plenty of time. (Here’s hoping).
In two weeks, I’ll be spending a weekend at the farm (ish) of some friends of a friend, who are out of town right when their harvest needs to come in. They’ve invited me (thank you, you are so very, very generous!) to come and cart away as much fresh produce as I can carry.
We are borrowing another friend’s car for this endevor.
My Plan is to can and/or blanch-and-freeze as much as possible, leaving them with a freezer full of frozen beans, chard, kale, and (if I’m really ambitious) roasted tomatoes, and then turn around and do the same thing for us (incuding a large care package for the sweetheart who loaned us the car).
I can only hope that their garden, and my stamina, are up to what my head is planning. O.O
My soap-felting experiment… didn’t work so well. Possibly because I started with a damp bar of badly-processed soap, or possibly because I didn’t wrap it in enough roving, or possibly because felted soap just feels really bizarre (I am willing to try this again, with more roving and an as-yet-unused bar of soap), but it didn’t go so well.
None the less, I’ve been left with a round, felt disc that’s roughly two inches across, and my plan for that wee puppy is either (a) to cut it into two paisley/yin-yang shapes which I will bead and/or embroider in some way and then turn into earrings, OR (b) skip the cutting up part and turn it into an embroidered and/or beaded felt pendant. It will probably be the former, truth be told, but I’m not entirely sure yet. :-/
(If I go “pendant”, I might just afix my little leather flower to the front and call it done… We shall see).
Lots of fun with different textiles. I’m off to do some sewing. 🙂
Meliad the Birch Maiden.


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