R is for Record-Keeping – Pagan Blog Project 2013

It’s the first Friday of September. Harvest/Apple Moon has just begun. The kids are starting back at school. The weather has turned cold again, with lows in the single digits and occasional threats of frost.
I keep records – on this blog, as it happens – of the seasonal wheel, of what was happening last year at this time.
It helps.
It means that, while I may be fretting that the more tender veggies in the garden I’m due to go and harvest a week from now will have turned to black slime between today and Harvest Day (leaving me “only” with a load of free kale and swiss chard to harvest, blanch, and freeze. Woe is me. ;-)), I also know that there will be another two weeks of warm – even hot – weather between now and early October and that this spell of cold weather is both (a) seasonally normal and (b) temporary. Winter’s not here yet. 😉

The reason I started keeping track was to help me get more in tune with the particulars of my bioregional year. One more way to bring me into the swing of life here and now.
For that reason (among others) I started keeping more specific (or at least more frequent and more regulated) track of the seasons by writing about the weather, the note-worthy agricultural and foraging events, and the energetic influences of the full and new moons of each lunar cycle in a given year.
Doing this helps me to connect with the Land, with my bioregion, with the Place that sustains and feeds me. And it’s also a way of connecting to Time – both the cyclic repeating patterns of a spiraling calendar, but also the in-the-momentness of paying attention to what going on for real right now. A way to live in “now” and “always” at once.

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