Canapalooza 2013 – Part I

So. Yesterday I was given a gift.
More accurately, two weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity (which I accepted, and put into action yesterday) to harvest the tomato-heavy summer[1] vegetable garden of some friends-of-a-friend while they were out of town and unable to take in more[2] of their own bounty. I was also granted the use of a different friend’s car in order to transport said bounty back to my own kitchen[3].
Consequently today is CANAPALOOZA.

I’ve been at this for about 4 hours at this point. I have 5.5C tomato-peach salsa (this year’s recipe to following in another post) already canned, and have started on the half-pint jars of crushed tomatoes. Then will come the tomato sauce. Then the parsley-walnut pesto. Then the blanched-and-frozen turnip greens. Then the roasted tomatoes and roasted diced eggplant (both of which will probably end up in the freezer for throwing into stews and such). Then the drying of the herbs.
And that doesn’t get me started on the nine dozen apples I brought home. (Or the 4-5 lbs each of peaches and pears I bought on Saturday in order to turn into more fruit butter and/or chutney and/or dry in slices).
It’s going to be a busy few days. πŸ˜€
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] Not to be confused with the autumn vegetable garden – I left the winter squash, pumpkins, kale, oxblood beets, and ruby chard where they were.
[2] When I asked if they wanted me to blanch-and-freeze or can any of their stuff, they said that their freezer was alread over-full and to not worry about that. They’re still going to get a sample of the goodies I’m making because nothing says “zomg thank you” like home-made preserves stuffed full of donated food. But it’ll be a sample, rather than a second kitchen worth of preserves. One salsa, two tomato sauce, one apple butter, and some sort of herbacious pesto. Maybe some roasted (dried) tomatoes as well. πŸ™‚
[3] The friend with the car is getting a dozen jaune flame (or otherwise large, juicy, flavourful orange) tomatoes + a handful of cherry tomatoes, a bunch of fresh beans, a pint of ground cherries[4], and some fresh apples[5]. She’ll be getting jars of tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, and tomato-peach salsa (this year with considerably more kick!), a few jars of apple butter, and a heap of fresh savoury, fennel, basil, and parsley… in thanks.
[4] They like their nightshades in this household, so that’s what I harvested. Another friends is getting some fresh eggplant, fyi.
[5] Because I don’t have enough apple butter. πŸ˜› I brought home three dozen each of their three varieties – something like spartan (or red delicious?), ida red, and granny smith… esque. 6 each will go to my friend. 12 each will be stewed into yet more apple butter. Which leaves me with one-and-a-half dozen for (a) pies, (b) drying, and/or (c) attempting to press into cider. I’m strongly leaving towards both (a) and (c) right now, so that’s probably what’ll happen. πŸ˜€


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