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Canapalooza 2013 – Part V: Apple Butter 2013 Part TWO! This Time With Black Currants and Cayenne!

Yes, friends, I am making two different versions of apple butter this year.
Because: nince eight[1] dozen apples. On top of the previous heap of apples I got from another friend.
This is, I hasten to point out, a feature not a bug.
Apple butter – like a lot of fruit butters (maybe even more-so than most) – works well in savoury dishes as well as sweet (e.g.: as a rub for a pork roast, as a binder for turkey stuffing, as a spread for grilled cheese sandwiches[2], or as an alternative to cranberry sauce on baked winter squash), so there are a LOT of options beyond “spread on toast” even before you start incorporating it into baked goods (coffee cakes lend themselves well to this, as do muffins, and – my favourite – pancakes, if you’re looking for an extra-velvety texture) in place of some/all of the sugar and some/all of the eggs.
Also, seriously? One does not turn one’s nose up at FREE organic, locally-grown produce. Seriously. O.O
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