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The Work Can Get In Its Own Way

This is technically a “public service announcement” post, but the talk about Work – with or without capital letters – getting in the way of other Work (with capital letters in this case, but maybe not always) rang a few bells for me, so I wanted to reblog it.

Gods' Mouths 2.0

You’ll no doubt have noticed that there’s been a break in posts here on Gods’ Mouths 2.0. There are two reasons for that. First and foremost, we (Alex & Winter) it turns out are not as good at using the “schedule” feature here on WordPress as we’d thought! GM2 has gotten some great submissions over the last little while and we thought we’d gotten them set to publish automatically… but we didn’t.

Sorry about that.

“But wait Alex/Winter, you guys didn’t notice! WTF?” you may be saying, and your frustration would be completely understandable.

No, we didn’t notice. Which brings us to the topic of Work.

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