On Madness, Hallucinations, Being Wrong, Magic, and Belief

The whole “being wrong” (or “being bonkers”, for that matter) thing is one that I worry about when it comes to trance work and Listening and such-like. The question (the fear) of “What if I’m just messing with my own head” and, beyond that,”What if I’m *not* messing with my own head, but the Person who I *think* I’m talking to isn’t *actually* who I’m talking to” are big ones for me. So I thought I’d reblog this, because it addresses those things a little bit.

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

Sex, Gods, and Rock Stars

People frequently ask me, “How come I can’t perceive spirits/energy/Gods/ghosts?” Others want validation that what they sense – whether it be visual, audio, tactile, or even smell and touch – is “real” in some way. Some see the way I move in the world, where I take for granted that the things I perceive, including things that aren’t easily sensed by our everyday senses, and beg me to teach them how.

You (yes, you) are already seeing things that aren’t there. You’re already perceiving things that your intelligence can’t easily explain. The problem is, it’s happening without your conscious will for it to happen. The things I’m thinking of happen whether you want them to or not.

Let’s start with the most basic. Every person has a “blind spot”. This is a place where your optic nerve passes though the retina, which prevents visual processing. But it’s not like everywhere…

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