New Moon – Frost Moon Begins

Frost Moon started almost a week ago, and things are indeed getting frosty. You can see your breath when you walk outside (as I’ll be doing quite shortly, so this will be a short post), and it’s dipping below freezing on the regular. There was snow in the air while I was running my errands yesterday. Daylight Savings Time just ended, so we’re back on what I think of as “normal” or “real” time, now. (Seriously, I’d like to just abolish the whole thing – jetlagging your entire population[1] twice a year is just a bad idea – but it’s also kind of Interested to actually have The Dark End Of The Year kick off with it supposedly getting darker “an hour earlier” than it did the day before. Brains, man… they’re funny things).
Possibly because we’re in Bulb Time now, or possibly for reasons that have to do with the Moon moving into Capricorn (see here for some thoughts on that), things are feeling very “on the cusp”, like Everything Is Coming Together and starting to barrel forwards. Like Big Things are in the works, though I’m not 100% sure what those Big Things are actually going to turn out to be. We’ll find out. I have a feeling that they’re good. šŸ™‚
Rolling over into Frost Moon so soon after Samhain, it really feels like we’re shifting seasons in a lot of ways. Not just Autumn Into Winter (November feels more like the “autumn of bare branches” in Cat Valente’s Palimpsest than it does Winter, to my mind), although that’s definitely on the way, but in the sense of shifting from “Harvest Season” to “Feast Season”, from a season of heavy workload to a season of rest, from a season of gathering in to a season of sharing.
Does this make any sense?
I know around our place, the past week has been a bit chaotic. My wife is about to hand off her leather title to the next local BootBlack and she’s been up to her eyeballs in Title Patch creation (she’s doing the patches this year for BBO and – on much shorter notice – MLO) along with a variety of other crunch-times and deadlines (and my birthday, which was yesterday) for both of us. I have day-job related stuff that’s coming up fast (so my Season of Rest, of you can call it that, won’t really be starting until just about the eve of Long Nights Moon) and, it being November, I’ve thrown myself back into working on The Novel – which is how I’ll be spending a fair amount of my day today, fyi. None the less, it does feel – on some levels, at least – like things are Slowing Down.
Thank all the gods. O.O
Frost Moon is – or feels like it will be – a season of nesting. If I had a garden, this would be the time for curing winter squash and onions, and maybe bringing in the last of the kale. It would be the time for stripping the dead pumpkin vines from their trelises, heaping dry leaves around the roots of the fruit trees (I am, yes, totally dreaming in technicolour on that front), and layering the vegetable beds with a top-dressing of well-cooked compost. Previously, it’s been a time of gathering woody pine cones and curing them in the oven for use as kindling over the winter. Time to pick up orders of herritage pork (I wish – we still don’t have our chest freezer set up ), stock up on another year’s worth of beeswax (arrived yesterday – 15lbs worth, in big, thick blocks that I’ll have to chisel apart as I need them). Time to turn the heat on, if I’ve managed (not this year) to keep it off until Samhain. Time to step up “production” of fibre arts – and that, this time around, is getting its own post ’cause I Got News, Y’All – in terms of knitting and, in my case, felting as well.
There’s a post up on Rhythm of the Home, that talks about the expansive-contractive nature (like breathing) of a day in the author’s life as a home-schooling, homsteading parent. I find that the rhythm of the year is a lot like that. Like the trees we are drawing in, conserving our energy, waiting for Winter and rest.
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] Except for Saskatchewan, because they’ve got some sense.


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