W is for Wash – Pagan Blog Project 2013

So I’m going to talk a little about something I did on Samhain.
In addition for doing an Ancestor Plate (I’m pretty sure this was my first time doing that) – complete with candle, a table/altar cloth made from one of my grandmother’s old scarves, phamily photos, and bouquets of crow feathers and dried herbs – I also added a step to my routine cleansing of the house.
I did a Door Wash.
Now this will come as no big shock to anybody who’s done this kind of thing before, but a “door wash” is basically the same thing as a “floor wash”, you just put it somewhere else (and, okay, it may Do It’s Thing a little differently, since you’re not walking all over your door with bare feet… but you get the idea).
In my case, I chose herbs and spices (and cider vinegar) for my washing mix that (a) had to do with death and the ancestors (timing, right? I did want them to know they could still come in – not that they need the physical door for that, what with the shrine inside the entrance way), but which also had to do with a mix of prosperity, love, happiness, sex, and protection. Y’know. Things with-which I’d like to bless my house and all the people whom I allow within it. 🙂
I boiled my mix of herbs and spices up with some (seasonally and olfactorially appropriate) cider vinegar plus a good heap of salt and a little water to keep things from burning, and then I went and washed my front door, plus the door frame, and the stones across the threshold. Then I wedged one of my bay leaves and one of my cinnamon sticks (from the washing mix) into the autumn-leaves wreath on my door. They blend. And make my threshold smell lovely. 😉
The salt and the vinegar (and the protection element of my herb-and-spice choices) are there to repel people and things with shitty intentions or who/which might do us a harm. Everything else is to call in Good Things For My People.
In another year, who knows, I might be doing it with the windows as well.
Meliad the Birch Maiden.


2 responses to “W is for Wash – Pagan Blog Project 2013

  1. what a wonderful idea for Samhain! Thanks for the idea! Hugs

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