Full Moon – Frost Moon Crests

Hey, all!
So Frost Moon is full today and, because Nature abhors assumptions, it’s 13C out and drizzling rather than frosty.
I am totally okay with this, though, since it means I can stroll around in my light leather jacket rather than my heavy leather coat (very handy for the HOWL At The Moon leatherdyke event happening this evening). We are still in The Autumn of Bare Branches, for sure. 😉
I’ve been working (sporadically) at my loom, and knitting up a storm. Have yet to try my hand at my single-flyer spinning wheel, but I’ll get to it. 😉
I talked, at the beginning of Frost Moon, about how the timing of the lunar change (right around the Year Hinge at Samhain) pushes us into a new season on a couple of levels.
These days, I find myself craving social activity, but in the sense of intimate at-home (or at least close to home[2]) gatherings rather than enormous parties (er… see footnote [2]). Another way to put it is that now is the season of the Queen of Pentacles (north, earth) rather than the Queen of Wands (south, fire). Abundant and welcoming, yes, but “drawing in” rather than “expansive”. It’s possible that the Moon’s shift from Taurus into Gemini is fueling (or increasing the intensity of) this feeling, with its combination of hearth-focus (Taurus) and gregarious communication (Gemini), but I’ve been feeling it for weeks now, so I’m not sure it’s the only thing going on.
My Little Pagan Date-Planner suggests that now (Moon in Gemini) is a great time for “weaving with words” (talk, listen, write, sing, laugh, and tell stories) and otherwise getting expressive in various ways, but a really bad time to start New Activities[3] that will need regular and long-term cultivation.
I’m inclined to agree.
As the cold (theoretically) and the dark take over, it’s better to wind down, get calm and cozy, and allow yourself space for impromptu short-term projects and spontaneous (or not-so-spontaneous) gatherings and get-togethers that will nurture your soul.
My wife and I are trying to do just that. Paying attention to what we have booked, deliberately scheduling (er… and then rescheduling) some “us time”, and working hard to keep from over-extending ourselves (ahahahaha). We can try, right?
Wish us luck. 🙂
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] Made a super-quick (bulky yarn, big needles, twisted stitching) for my sister’s birthday; made a “yarn bowl” that I’ll be felting in the washing mashine (and then in the oven) out of rough-spun bulky yarn; teaching myself to cable-knit and… crochet?; still working on my wife’s fishnet-stitch shawl; and am nearly done a pair of arm-warmers for her that go with the hat I made for her a while back.
[2] Says the woman who just drove to a different city and back in one evening for Kink 4. 😛
[3] How does Nanowrimo fit into that?


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