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Natural Dyeing Take 3: Black Beans

Nervous about messing with mordants (what is “alum”? Can I use pressed garlic for this?) but would LOVE to be able to create colours like this. 😀
Wonder what happens if you use kidney beans? Do you get a rusty-red colour?

The ways of the whorl

Having seen some pretty amazing pictures on Ravelry, where a whole thread is devoted to the colour variations obtained with black beans, I have wanted to experiment with those for a few months now. So I was particularly eager to try them out in our dyeing experiments in France.

Unsure about how difficult they would be to find in France, we bought our black beans in Britain before travelling over. I bought a pack in Waitrose which were called black turle beans instead of just black beans, but they were the only ones I could find. Eddie later went into an international food shop and found some labelled simply black beans. We decided to try both out at the same time, but in separate containers in case they didn’t yield the same results…

And fast enough it became clear that the two different packs of beans were giving soaking water…

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