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Home Ec: It’s a Learning Curve, Not a Joke Course in Grade Nine

The snow has come for real.
After a relatively balmy (3 degrees Celceus) that saw a lot of the pre-existing dusting of snow sublimate off the ground in a hurry, some time around 10pm (give or take) a new snow started falling. In reality, it wasn’t a “big storm” at all. Just a steady fall of snow with a moderate wind. Gentle enough that someone could ride a unicycle (I saw the photographic evidence, but didn’t see it with my own eyes) in the midst of it at 4:30am, down the street from me.
Totally manageable, although a complete mess (it being rush-hour now) if you haven’t put your snow tires on yet.
So here I am, chilling on my couch, waiting for Batch 1 of today’s candle-making extravaganza[1] to harden enough for me to pop them out of their molds and start Batch 2, enjoying the view from my window.
It’s very “winter wonderland”, I don’t mind telling you.
Today will be a day of scrambling, at least once 2pm rolls around. The Rainbow Youth Forum is tomorrow, so I’ve got set-up to handle this evening, plus sorting out how I’m going to schlep my info-fair stuff (sandwich board, table cloth, plus small heap of information pamphlets) to the venue (across town) through the edging-towards-a-foot-of snow.
For now, however, I’m cruising the blogosphere, reading old (but frequently sometimes new-to-me) posts on subjects near to my heart.
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