Spirit Work 101 (Del Tashlin)

So… I did a thing.
Or, more accurately, I signed up for a thing that will start in the new year.
I signed up for Del’s Spirit Work 101 course.
The course is $45. Which seems like a lot for once-a-month emails and a couple of skype sessions.
Would I pay that much for a subscription to Wiccan Candles or PanGaia? Not a chance. Not even if either of them sent out 12 issues a year.
But I have paid $100 for a year’s subscription to The Omikuji Project – which is twelve stories (hard copy form) per year, and no google-chats or, like, writing techniques.
So it’s not outside the realm of possibility.
Besides… If someone like Del (or Lee or Winter or anyone from Circles of Kink) turned up in my neck of the woods and offered three workshops through Venus Envy for $15 admission each? I’d be there in the front row. In a heartbeat.
So I figure I’ll give this a go.

4 responses to “Spirit Work 101 (Del Tashlin)

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  3. First of all, thank you!
    Secondly, I want to be a little clearer here: the 12 essays and 2 or more Hangouts are the base. This is what I feel comfortable committing to. But I am very open to adding to it as the year progresses. Anything from one-on-one counseling to regular group chats, I am willing to try what people think will work best for them. I just didn’t want to promise the moon and come up with a handful of cheese. I figured it was safest to commit to something I know I could handle, and leave the door open for other possibilities.

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