Full Moon – Long Nights Moon Crests (and Wanes)

Well, my dears, we’ve made it through the breach. For those of us with SADD symptoms, at least, things will be getting a little bit better from here.
Of course, the cold is just starting to get bad. I hear it’s dropping to -31 tonight, and staying in that neighbourhood for then next little while.
I can’t say that I’m not grateful that this year’s ice storm managed, for some reason, to go around Ottawa, rather than through it. My dependence on electric heat is kind of a big thing at this point. :-\
We’ve had a LOT of snow, though. The plow burms are already four and five feet high (okay, not all along the street, but beside anywhere with a driveway? Yeah).
The full moon was technically a week ago, on December 17th – Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. I wound up not attending any of the vigils or memorials this year. Stayed home, stayed warm, and worked on transcription, if you can believe it.
It was a big week on that front, by the way. You can catch up on some of the details here, if you aren’t abreast of the situation. Good news all around, and thank goodness for it. šŸ™‚
We drank champagne to celebrate on the 20th. šŸ™‚
As Long Nights Moon wanes towards the new year, I find myself huddling a lot. Yes, it’s cold and, yes, I’m a snuggly creature by nature, but there’s more to it than that.
Honestly, I find myself wondering exactly what it is that I’m avoiding.
Because I am avoiding things.
I actually gave up on my Make All The Things project, and opted to get everyone a book from the remainders bin for Secular Xmas instead. I think they’ll be enjoyed, and it was a definite load off my stress-levels, but a small part of me feels like I cheated by doing that.
My wife and I, having celebrated our first turn around the sun as a married couple, had a good chat the other night. A “looking forward” chat.
She wants to keep moving forward with her leather care business, has a business plan in the works and is looking at how to make shop-space affordable while she developes her client list and gets things off the ground.
I’m really proud of her. šŸ™‚
I told her about wanting to continue moving towards a more cohesive magico-musica-sexual model of life and practice, as well as wanting to move forward on my Poly and Power anthology. I mentioned the course I’ll be taking in the new year, as well.
Browsing through old blog entries, I was reminded about the kind of life I’m striving for[1], and also of the concept of career as ecosystem[2]. Two things I need to keep in mind, to keep as compass points, I think, as I go forward in the coming year.
Stay tuned.
There will be tarot readings before long.
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] Specifically: “I want my LIFE to be this glorious mash-up of art and sex and joy and beauty, I want my LIFE to be built on, fueled by, and in a symbiotic relationship with, pleasure in all its many forms”.
[2] Not to mention the need to be conscious of how the many Things That I Do all tie into nature somehow – body-as-instrument (muscially, ritually, and in terms of SM), body-as-sexual-being, sex itself, blood and emotion, food and where it comes from, the materials I use in my art – all of it. All of it is bound up in this:

Queen of Earth

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