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Zodiacal Musings: A Pathworking

Reblogging in part so that I can find this again, as I’d like to give it a go. 🙂

The Magickal Pen


As we end the year and begin one anew, I would like to share a pathworking of the Zodiac. Each New Year brings  the opportunity to connect more fully with those aspects of your natal chart that offer support to your life’s experience. There is no need to be a professional astrologer or even an advanced student of astrology to begin the process of connection. Simply beginning with an exploration of your natal Sun sign can open your self-awareness to a place of deeper knowledge of the potential of your strengths and bolstering your weaknesses. Let’s begin…. Turn your focus and attention to your breath. Allow the space of  your consciousness to move with the rise and fall of your chest and the filling and release of the lungs. Continue in this manner for several breaths; allowing each to become softer, smoother and slower.  With each breath your physical body appears…

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Z is for Zero to Zenith – Pagan Blog Project 2013

Last post for this round of The Pagan Blog Project.
In my previous post (officially done to complete the 2012 series of prompts… better late than never), I briefly touched on some (very) new additions to my practice.
For the most part (possibly the entire part?) my new additions – both the ritual group and the tantric stuff with my wife, plus the course I’m taking with Del – are not solitary practices. This is a bit of a New Thing for me, as I’ve done solitary practice for pretty much the entire time I’ve been IDing as Pagan. (I attended a monthly goddess group for a year and a half, and did a few rituals with friends back in 2002, but that’s about it). But I’ve been feeling like I needed a “buddy” or something for some time, particularly after some of what I picked up on during my (not all that frequent) trips to my personal Inner Landscape and my wife’s admonition of “I don’t want to come home to Crazy Wife” which, while I don’t think I’m likely to head down the madness path because of anything I find in my own head… I can’t actually guarantee that. I want to have some kind of a life-line so that I can be pulled out if need be. :-\
So: Buddy System (or group ritual, or guided meditation with something that is not a tape-player doing the guiding, or, or, or) it is. 🙂
But why talk about this in a post called “Zero to Zenith”?
Well… Okay. Let’s haul another Z word into this: Zodiac. We’re about to flip into 2014, and my We’Moon horoscopes have been saying “explore sacred sexuality” for a couple of years now. I’ve got no idea if this is My Path, but there are so many corelations and similarities between various bits and pieces of Stuff That I Do, that it seems like I’d be a twit not to take a look and try to get some education and experience in this end of the world.
So, if I’m starting… pretty close to zero in terms of experiences and know-how, while I’m cocky enough to presume I’ll become some kind of an expert or whatever in the space of a year, I’m hoping to get a few steps up that mountain and develope the techniques and skills I’ll need to keep climbing. 🙂
Base camp, here we come. O.O
Meliad the Birch Maiden.

Z is for Zone – Pagan Blog Project 2012

Hehehe. Almost there. Let’s see if I can’t finish 2012 (a year late) along with 2013.
When I say “zone”, I mean “in the zone”, and what I’m talking about is “flow”.
I went to a workshop a little over a year ago (so, by the standards of this being a “2012” post, “two and a half months ago”) that talked about “flow arts” – stuff like hooping or poi or flogging or improvisational dance/music or… all sorts of stuff – and how “flow” is the point you hit (that place, to paraphrase Ursula K LeGuin, where “the words cannot be wrong”) that is the balance between skill and challenge.
For me, because I’m fairly low-skill and high-challenge when it comes to hooping, I hit “flow” somewhere just north of keeping the hula hoop moving and not falling down. For someone like Lisa Lottie, flow involves something a lot more complicated, just because her skill level is that much higher.
So why am I bringing this up in a Pagan blog post?
Because I think that energywork and the kind of “running energy” that one does during extatic dance or ecstatic singing are their own type of “flow”. When you’re In The Zone and the energy is flowing through you, cycling through you, and you can keep going for ever (the gals who wrote Radical Ecstasy talk about the Forever Place, and that’s… related, I think, though maybe not exactly the same thing)… that’s what I think of as “flow”. It’s also a situation where I – and, I assume, lots of other people – have a much easier time directing that energy to where it needs to go, whether that’s throwing sound the length of a city block or two, refueling one’s dancing body, or pouring energy into someone else: To ease their aches and pains, as in massage; or as a way of intuiting(?) where best to hit them next and how hard and with what.
Flow has a meaning in ritual, as well. I’m thinking particularly of group rituals where whoever is leading them has to pay attention to the arc and movement of the ritual, but also to the level of focus and ability in the group they’re leading. Which is where “flow” as in “narrative flow” entwines and intersects with “flow” as in “challenge/skill flow”.
It’s why ritual chants that are essentially sung in monotone are (a) a good idea for most open-attendence rituals, and also (b) a bloody piss-off for someone like me who will get seriously bored and disinterested with something that doesn’t have nearly enough notes to make a real tune. (My favourite Goddess Chant is actually the chorus from Hymn to Her. 4/4 time, easy-to-grasp tune & lyrics, but also easy-to-harmonize tune that’s complicated enough to be just-challenging-enough for most folks who don’t want to be improvising harmonies all the time.
Flow is, I think, why repetitive tasks (like spinning or knitting or chopping apples) or art forms that rely on improvised combinations of base forms/techniques (various types of dance and song) are so useful for getting into Trance. Getting your body into one Zone helps you shift your brain/mind/spirit into another.
I am starting (as in: the past couple of days) to incorporate more ritual into my life, specifically:
I tried doing tantric (or possibly “trantric”) breathing with my wife the other day… I got light headed, she got really, really relaxed, but we did not manage to syncronize anything and my chakras stayed well and truely tamped down, much to my dismay. Still, we’re going to try it again.
I’ve recently been invited to attend some Reclaiming-esque rituals in my neighbourhood that a sister-femme artist is looking to start running. I’m really happy about this, as I kinda miss “church” and appreciate the opportunity to attend a regular ritual that I don’t have to be in charge of.
I’m looking forward to seeing how these new additions to my life/practice play into how (and how easily) I move in and out of trance space; run, manipulate, and transfer energy; and develope my personal Zone.
Meliad the Birch Maiden.