New Moon – Snow Moon Begins

Okay, I feel a little bizarre, given that Snow Moon actually began awfully close to a week ago. It has, however, been pretty snowy.
Right up until today, when the temperature soared to hovering-around-freezing and, as a result, we have an inch of ice on the ground (it was freezing rain last year, too, so maybe this isn’t all that unusual).
The sun seems to have temporarily come out, though, so that’s something.
I am staying indoors today, rendering lard, making bread, and generally getting Stuff done around the kitchen.
After a year on the ground floor, and the decision to change up my yoga routine (in-so-far as it’s a routine at all which, at the moment, not so much) so that I’m not literally showing my ass to the neighbours (who are very curious about our apartment, which is so full of fascinating things… like sewing machines of all sizes), we’re finding that the light from the windows is enough – just – to get us through without overwhelming depression on anybody’s part. YAY! πŸ™‚
Even the plants seem to have adjusted a little bit, and the parot is enjoying her position by the window, where she can watch the world as it goes by. πŸ™‚
In the past year, I’ve managed to establish some routines – make bread once or twice a week, as needed; make a Nice Dinner every Friday (usually); make weekly beeswax tealight offerings to my gods and ancestors; write (blog) on a weekly basis, if not more freuqently.
There are still things I’m working on – making sure to write a thousand words of fiction every day, rather than just on the days when I’m not Busy with something else; do yoga or walking or something physical every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes, even if it’s just enough to get my heart rate up again.
I’m looking forward to gettig my first installment of Del’s Spiritwork 101 email course, and trying to sort out what my goals for this lunar cycle are going to be.
I think one of them is “host more social stuff”, if only because I like being social but also like not having to leave the house. I’ve got a fibre arts evening coming up late this week, for example, that I’m hoping will help to cross-polinate my various friend-circles while also letting me get some knitting done in a way that is friendly and social rather than hide-in-my-corner-esque.
Another is to get my passport renewed. I’m still within the “quick and easy” period where I can get it renewed without a tonne of rigamarole. From there, I can move towards other goals, but that’s a bit of a Step One.
Another goal, another attempt to form a habit around something, is to be more aware of my own contributions to things that frustrate me. That’s not nearly as concrete as “get passport renewed” but it probably more important. Wish me luck on that one. πŸ™‚
What are your short-term goals for Snow Moon?


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