Full Moon – Snow Moon Crests

So I broke my computer cable last week, and have been offline for the past little while. Today is a catch-up day (again) where I try to get back on top of all the little Writing Things that I promised myself I’d get done.
Here we are, writing about the cresting of Snow Moon when said moon is already waining.
Snow Moon’s full moon was, at least, actually snowy. After a week of unseasonably (like “spring-like”) temperatures, it was nice to see the weather behaving normally again.
As far as things go with regards to the goals I’ve set for myself during this moon cycle, while the Social Events thing seems to be going somewhat well – I’ve even struck up conversations with strangers and wound up finding people that I had a fair bit in common with! 🙂
The trick here, I think, is to try and keep as many of those social things on the casual end of the spectrum as possible. I was talking with my lovely wife, on our way home from Leather Dyke Karaoke last night, and she was suggesting that maybe we need to get a bunch of our not-so-leathery dyke pals out on a different Sunday for more singing and hanging out and eating good food. And I said that would be lovely, but that I would keep such a thing casual so that it doesn’t turn into an obligation.
That said, I am looking forward to my first Group Ritual in a long, long time, which will be happening at a friend’s place on Imbolg. YAY! 🙂
I have not yet gone to renew my passport, although I’ve done the tiniest first step on that front, in that I’ve actually got paper in my printer in order to print out the forms. That’s all I’ve done, and that’s not much. But it’s done. I can take the next step now.
My last goal, the one that is a little bit harder to accomplish because it doesn’t have a concrete end point, is… there. Trying to keep an eye on when I get frustrated, and what buttons get pushed when that’s the case, and how I may be contributing to my own button-pressing. It’s an ongoing process, as they say.
It’s been a busy few days, and “Fabulous Friday Dinner” is actually happening this evening. (Pork picnic roast – as is so frequently the case – done with apple juice and onion and potato, plus a remoulade and a vidal to go with).
Time to get on that.
Meliad the Birch Maiden.

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