C is for Crochet

Reblogging this from Knot Magick: A post about the potential for trance, intentionality, Wandering, and spellcraft in fibre arts. This one’s about crochet, but as a knitter, spinner, and (sometimes) weaver, this has potential across the spectrum of these arts.

Knot Magick


Crochet is magick, people might think that I am a little strange to be say it but its true. If you’ve ever been hooking away at a Granny Square and had the Goddess tap on your shoulder you will know what I mean. There is nothing more meditative than a repeating pattern and its not unusual for me to find myself in a trance state and my mind open to suggestion. I also find that I am more free in mind to write rituals and chants whilst I am working and alwas have something to hand to jot ideas down on.

One of my first experience of Hekate outside of ritual was whilst I was making a cushion cover using a granny square pattern. I found myself walking the halls of a local hospice with Hekate as she guided the dead to the next world and came back to find…

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