Crystals For Creativity

Reblogging this from The Raven Scribe, in part so I can find it again, later. Stones for creativity-magic. 🙂

The Raven Scribe

I’ve been obsessed with rocks and gems and crystals since I was a little kid. Whenever my family would go down to Nashville, IN I always had to go in this one little shoppe that had a turnstyle of various gems. There were at least three dozen kind and I was fascinated with them all, wanted to own one of each kind. Except fool’s gold–I was never interested in that.) As I grew up this love of crystals never went away, and when I came to Paganism I was delighted to see that working with crystals was as common as admiring the green leaves on trees in Summer. I’d been collecting crystals since I was a kid, and I began researching them and what they could help me with almost immediately.

As a Pagan, I was most interested in the stones that could help me with connecting more to my…

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