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E is for Energy-Centres and Energy-Manipulation – Pagan Blog Project 2014

This post follows pretty hard on the heels of “last week’s” (ten minute’s ago’s) post on Ecstasy, and it’s somewhat related. I’ve been playing with energy points, trying to turn my chakra points (meaning the seven really big ones) into something closer to tentacles (or maybe roots?), energetic limbs that can reach out and reach in to act as points of connection between me and another source.
I’m kind of a funny one, maybe, since it’s my root chakra, my red chakra, that lights up in sexual situations. I’m not sure what that means beyond (a) I associate sex with the colour red, and (b) Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs puts sex on the same survival level as food, shelter, and other “stability” markers. My sacral/belly chakra, my orange chakra, is one that I don’t pay a tonne of attention to beyond its relationship with my own (and, potentially, someone else’s, not that I’m planning on getting pregnant mind you) umbilical cord and how I can use that as a tether to the energy of the Earth (which I’m just as likely, if not moreso, to do through the soles of my feet)[1].
I’m more likely to engage my third eye chakra (allegedly all about psychica abilities and Traveling and such-like) when I’m trying to boost stuff that’s more typically associated with my throat chakra (music, public speaking, self-expression, etc).
…I’m not sure if this is particularly normal or not (it definitely doesn’t line up with the correspondences that I’ve found online).
Anyway. What I’m getting at here is that I’m trying to teach myself to actively engage those energy centres in appropriate situations, but I’m also trying to gage whether or not its having any effect (on me or on anyone else). I… think I’m managing to do something? :-\
We shall see. I figure, if I keep working at it, I’ll get the hang of things eventually.
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] It occurs to me that, given its associations with creativity (fire in the belly, as much as in the head, y’know?) it might do me some good to feed that fire a little in my own life. Just a thought. I wonder if I can come up with some kind of hook-up between my belly chakra and my throat chakra where they feed into each other and amp each other up… (Thoughts? Suggestions?)

E is for Ecstsasy – Pagan Blog Project 2014

So I’ve been reading Radical Ecstasy (off and on) for a little while now, as well as paging through Barbara Carellas’ Ecstasy is Neccessary. In part, I’m trying to sort out what “ecstasy” means, as a term, when applied to sex.
When I use it, I’m talking in part about the “rush” that comes when you and anyone you’re involved with are really hitting your flow, sexually. I’m talking in part about when muscle movement takes over and… the engine catches, if you will. But I’m also talking about sex as magic – that whole “S/M = Sacred Mystery” kind of thing.
It’s funny. Because I tend to top, even vanilla-wise, I tend to think of “sexual ecstasy” as being something that I facilitate in order for my partner (in theory) to experience it. the few times I’ve gone flying, have been outliers – the exception rather than the rule – a “domme space” where I feel like I can contain the whole universe (or, at the very least, a whole galaxy). Bigger than my physical body by a significant margin. And I don’t know whether that feeling is “ecstasy” or if it’s something else.
I miss that feeling of flight. I’ve written a little bit about it over here, but it’s not just a sexual thing. It comes from singing, too. I wonder if I’m not confusing/conflaiting ecstasy with “flow state” – that point where the challenge of what you’re doing is equal to your level of skill, so you can be fully immersed in the activity rather than either (a) getting bored or (b) having to direct most of your focus towards Not Screwing Up and, thus, can’t really get into any kind of a Zone.
So what does this have to do with Paganism?
Partly, it’s the idea of ecstatic states being trance states, and my interest in being able to step in and out of trance when it’s appropriate to do so. I… suspect (’cause I’m not totally sure) that when I do that energy-vampire thing where I’m on a crowded dance floor and can just go for hours because I’m cycling the free-flowing energy through my body and out again, that I’m both (a) in, or near, a trance state, but also (b) I’m approaching something ecstatic.
I don’t reeeeeeeeally have a clue on that front, but it seems like that might be the case, like they might be connected in some way.
The other part is that I’m wondering if drawing on/in ecstatic experience would be a way to attain more Meaning in ritual (for example) or deeper connection in sex/scene experiences. I’d like to know how to get myself there, and how to get someone else into that zone as well. A handy tool in my ritualist’s/top’s toolkit, so to speak.
So here I am, chasing that feeling and wondering if I can find my way to it again or at all.