F is for Freeze and Thaw (Spring Euqinox is Upon Us) – Pagan Blog Project 2014

My ritual group is meeting (at my place, this time ’round, which is handy) for our Spring Equinox ritual tonight. (I’m making almond cookies and Cleaning All The Things when I get home from my day-job this evening). Right now – even as I write this – I’m trying to come up with a variation on Starhawk’s “Tree Meditation” that I can addapt into a “fountain meditation” for thawing creative and emotional blocks and generally giving one’s personal Energy a good spring cleaning.
My mind keeps wandering to spinning and yarn and knitting, and I’m not sure why – it could very easily just be that I have new roving to spin and new yarn with-which to continue the work on my shawl. No idea. Thoughts? Beuler?
Spring Equinox, in this time and place, is a time of freezing and thawing, a time of edges between one season and the next[1]. It’s a liminal time in a more noticeable way than Autumn Equinox is (though that, too, stands on the cusp between Goat-Tail Summer and The Autumn of Pumpkins). I walk to my temp job on uneasy feet, skating along iced-up roads in the rubber boots I’ll need to keep my feet dry on the way home. Precipitation fluctuates between snow, sleet, freezing drizzle, and chilly rain, depending on what the wind is like.
One of my group-mates has talked about how rebirth is a fairly significant theme for her at this time of here. Between that and the water stuff, I’m put in mind of a song (or song-fragment?) I co-wrote ages and ages ago.
Walk me to the river
to the place where it runs fast and deep
Let the rive take me
and turn me in my sleep
Wash over me, sweet water,
and give me life once more
Birth me from your depths again
to wake upon your shore

…Which is all well and good, except that another of our group-mates nearly drowned, once upon a time, and I don’t really want to depict a water-based rebirth when someone in our group knows what it’s really like (hint: Not pretty, not peaceful, not safe).
ANYWAY. So I’ve got to poke at this a little bit more. (I feel better having a good idea of what we want to do of an evening, and am feeling woefully underprepared at this stage of the game… with people turning up in all of three hours, no less. O.O)
But that’s where things are at right now. I gather it’s turned balmy and beautiful outside over the course of the work day. That bodes well for my walk home.
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] That’s the thing. If you’ve ever read Palimpsest you will know about the Four Winters – bare branches, snow, ice, and mud – that come before Spring arrives. We have the same thing in Ottawa, most years, except that we have two springs – the spring of mud and the spring of crocuses. By the time the lilacs come out and the apples bloom, we’re already into Summer.

2 responses to “F is for Freeze and Thaw (Spring Euqinox is Upon Us) – Pagan Blog Project 2014

  1. Nice to hear a familiar voice talking about the seasons. I’m in Sault Sainte Marie and for all anybody can tell we’re still in winter. On Thursday it snowed all day (and most of the night) and the plows had to come out again to clear the roads and sidewalks. I’m originally from North Carolina, so even though this is my fourth winter in the Sault, I still can’t believe that it takes us until May to really escape from the snow. ‘Course, at this rate, the snow mountain in the Canadian Tire parking lot might still be there when the snow comes back in late October 😛

    • Yup. We’re in the middle of an all-day snow right now – probably 15cm or so. I’ve been here most of my life, thought, so I’m fairly used to there being snow on the ground (and falling from the sky, though rather less often) right up until mid-April.

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