New Moon – Melt-Water Moon Begins

Technically, the new/dark moon was yesterday, but we’ll go with this. In addition to being the last day of March, today was also my last day of Temp Job.
I am so happy to be done, kids, I can’t even articulate it.
And it’s not that the job was bad.
It was actually really pleasant. I was working with a team (for the first time in my temp-work history) and we all got along, and the work – while a tad on the stressful side, due to time-limits and the necessary reliance (in order to get the information we needed to finish the job) on people who had more power and less time than we did – wasn’t actually arduous or unpleasant. The money, for temp work, was good. And it means I’ve got four months of (may share of the) rent in the bank, which is nothing to sneeze at.
None the less, I’m really happy to be home.
I’m so happy to know that, starting now, my time is MINE. Yes, I’ll be devoting necessary bits of it to filling jewelry orders (tomorrow) and working on my “regular day job[1]” stuff, but I’ll be able to run errands during the day. I’ll be able to multi-task by getting the bread started and the laundry in the machine, and then working on fill-in-the-blank while the dough rises and the washer does its thing.
I’m so happy that I can get back into my usual routine, dedicating Friday hours to blogging, devotions, good cooking, and adding a new item or two to that list. I’m so happy to know that I’ll have the time and space to go for walks (did I mention that today felt like the first real day of Spring?[2]) to sit in libraries or coffee shops[3] and work on my National Poetry Month poetry project.
Yeah, I have a poetry project. My plan is to write 2 poems (drafts) per day, every day of April, in order to come up with a draft manuscript for a poetry book (tentatively titled “How to Cook a Heart”). It’s going to be poems about food and seasonality, but I’m curious to find out what else comes out in the metaphors (I have theories… we’ll see if they pan out).
So that’s where I’m at. I have a freezer full of bones that need to be made into stock (and no pressure canner with-which to can said stock, which means waiting until I get through the last few jars in the fridge before doing a new batch). I have a duck carcase to hack up and store in the fridge (more bones… oh, darn. ;-)) and quinoa to put in a tupperware as well. I have a fridge to clean out, since the bits and pieces have been building up and, honestly, some of them are definitely past their best. I have tidying to do, and a home to get settled into again.
The seasons are turning. The next lunar cycle will be busy, but busy with the labours of my heart. πŸ˜€
– Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] Queer & Trans health outreach. Ten hours a month = stable, albeit small, income for me.
[2] Eleven degrees (celsius) and sunny. The sun was warm. I walked home with my jacket open and my sunglasses on! πŸ˜€
[3] I know, I know. Coffee shops aren’t the best use of my limited funds, but they’re a great way to designate Writing Time by setting it in a space that has neither (a) distracting Things I Must Get Done, or (b) fascinating books I haven’t read yet. So I go with that.


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