Eating from the Larder – Edamole Fish Tacos; Multi-Jam Multigrain Pancakes; and More!

So, my attemps to eat from the larder, such as they are (and they are not overly significant – there have been dinners out and re-stocking of coffee already, for example) seem to revolve around (1) dinners based on pasta or rice/quinoa + frozen veggies + tinned/frozen fish OR leftover slow-cooked mammal AND (2) making pancakes on the weekend using recipes like this one:
1 C apple butter
1 C strawberry-rhubarb jam
2 C sour milk (or yoghurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, etc – you get the drift)
2 eggs
2 tbsp oil
2 C flour
1 C cooked millet
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
pinch salt
Basically, the trick with me is that I tend to make more sweet preserves than I use. I do this on purpose, because I tend to gift more sweet preserves than savoury ones. But I also do this “by accident” because (1) chutney tends to be a sweeter preserve than I think it is when I make it, and (2) I am more likely to be given free fruit (neighbourhood serviceberries, the apples from various friends’ trees) than free veggies that I can pickle or blanch-and-freeze. So recipes where I can use up more than one jar of sweet preserves (and, er, over-sweeten the batter in all likelihood, alas) are a Good Thing.
We’re having friends over for brunch tomorrow morning, and I’m planning on using the above recipe to (a) get rid of a couple of jars of preserves, but also (b) to get rid of the cooked millet I have in the fridge[1].
EDIT: They worked! I’ve updated the recipe to show the extra milk (2C instead of 1), but they were tasty and delicious – mostly due to the absurd amount of sugar that went into them. πŸ˜‰
On a related note, and in spite of the fact that I don’t have any crunchy red cabbage lying around (alas – Korean cabbage, while delicious – and a great substitute for chard, kale, or romain lettuce fyi, is not crunchy at all), I’m hoping to try making something like a taco for dinner one of these nights.
My PLAN is to make something akin to tortillas, though it will probably be closer (in recipe and consistency) to cornmeal crepes, then pan-fry some bassa filets and serve them up with (a) home-made tomato-peach salasa, (b) grated daikon radish, and (c) some sort of edamole – provided I have frozen edamame in my freezer… which I doubt.
Yeah, Edamole.
In the same vein as wanting to use local (if I can find – or ideally, with time, grow my own – zone 3 or 4 hardy) apricots to make tomato-apricot salsa in place of the tomato-mango salsa that I so enjoy (right now I use Niagara peaches for this, which at least come from the same provence, even if they do take 8-10 hours to get here by truck), I am also frequently on the look-out for suggestions on how to make guacamole without the guaca part.
So far, the frijole mole from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is one option, but the sort made from a heap of steamed butter beans (frozen-and-thawed edamame, typically, but shelled fava or romano beans would also work – and I’ve grown my own romanos in the past, plenty of times) plus some cider vinegar (or seaberry juice, if I ever get the chance to harvest me some seaberries), garlic, a heap of dried (or fresh!) cilantro, and a little bit of mayo would do the trick, too.
I figure… With guacamole, what you’re getting is the taste of lime, cilantro, and the smoothness of avocado’s high fat content, so a mixture of acid, cilantro, and something to add a little fat to the creaminess of low-fat but still smooth-feeling butter beans would fit the bill.
Anyway. That’s my plan. Here’s hoping it works. In the mean time, I shall stick with the pancakes and the more typical dinner-time fare. Eventually, I’ll get around to getting over my fear of making non-cheese-based white sauce, and then we’ll be back in alfredo in no time. πŸ˜‰
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] Note to self: Cooked millet is great as an alternative to shredded coconut in chocolate macaroons. It is boring, bland, and slightly gritty – and therefore gross – as an alternative to rice or quinoa for the “starch” portion of a savoury meal. Let’s not do that again. That being said, it might work out okay when added to a stew or slow-cooked brisket/shoulder roast in place of barley or potatoes. This may or may not be worth a shot during the month of April.

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