Full Moon – Melt-Water Moon Crests

Technically the full moon isn’t until tomorrow, but this is running through my head so I’m posting it now. Who knew? A Lunar Cycles post that’s come up early! O.O

The crocuses have started coming up.
We’re due to have temperatures in the low 20s (celcius, folks) for the next couple of days, and then slam down to -7 and snow overnight on Wednesday/Thursday.
It’s that time of (slightly chaotic) year, I’m afraid. :-\
I’ve spoken of this time of year being one of anticipation and of… call it “not jumping the gun”. I want so very much to be broadcast-sowing radish and kale and rainbow chard seeds in the local traffic-calming islands, but it’s still a few weeks too early for even those cold-hardy veggies to go into the ground. Like the weather, I find I’m experiencing a mix of enthusiastic-bursts and minor/sudden set-backs. This makes for a great maple-sap run, but a lousy sense of security.
If any of you were wondering, I didn’t get that job. Boo. (But also: Phew, because now at least I don’t have to juggle everything else with a sudden influx of Working Hours – everything has a silver lining, right?) But it doesn’t mean that I’m not working on my own on-going projects.
What’s on my plate for early Spring?
1) Complete an entire first draft of a full-length poetry manuscript (so far we’re on target, but I need to make sure I get some writing in today to keep on track). The idea is to write two poems (first drafts) per day, every day of April (which is National Poetry Month), in order to have 60 poems by the end of the month. What this actually looks like, however, is me writing four poems every weekday in order to grant myself some wiggle-room around things like unexpected modeling jobs or the opporunity to have my weekends “off”. It’s working so far, and “write a draft” is a lot less intimidating than “write a finished product”, so I’m manging to stay on track and not get discouraged abou things. I’ve discovered that it takes about 45 minutes to write a decent first draft of a poem, so there’s that to know as well. 🙂
2) Make soap (ideally successfully!) for the first time in two years. Using my new silicone bar/rectangular mold if at all possible. Make candles (but that, of course, is an ongoing process) and place an order for new wicks and such-like through my favourite source.
3) Make some real decisions about what kind of online presence I want to have for my various tiny businesses and how that’s going to work in terms of promotion, receiving and processing orders, and similar.
That’s the thing about meltwater moon. It’s time of year when we have to decide what we’re going to plant for sure and what will be the Nice To Haves, what we’re going to dedicate to (or rely on) and what will be side-projects in the growing season to come.
There are lots of decissions to make.
Wish me luck!
Meliad the Birch Maiden.

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