H is for Homesteading – Pagan Blog Project 2014

Maybe this isn’t totally in line with the requisite Pagan aspect of this project, but it seems like a fair number of folks who do Homesteading – urban or otherwise – are also pretty heavily into the Religious Stuff. whether theyre hard-core Christians who waldorf-style homeschool their kids, back-to-the-lander Reconstructionist Jews, or Northern Traditional Pagans, there’s a common thread between all of them about reconnecting with seasonal rhythms and getting to really know – the way you know a friend or a family member – the land that you live on.
Which is pretty darned Pagan from my perspective[1].
Now, me? I’m an “urban homesteader” at best. I live in an apartment and have no garden, so I’m basically making due with Leet Kitchen Witch Skillz, general craftiness, some knowledge of how to forrage in an urban environment, and the possibility of being able to afford a CSA box this year. It’s a start. I dream of fruit tree(s) and berry bushes and asparagus beds, but I’ll make due with what I’ve got fo the moment.
Maybe it’s just because this is how my brain works, but I think that a lot of the current Homesteading “trend” has to do with relationships, with countering alienation, with – wait for it! – re-linking (you knew it was coming) ourselves with family, community, face-to-face interaction, the Land, our food supply, ancestral skill-sets, and, yes, in a great many caes, with The Holy.
For some of us, the Land and our ancestors are part of that Holy in a very immediate and direct way. I’m one of those people.
So here’s to homesteading, wherever you’re doing it. May it connect you to everything you need to re-ligio with.
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] Although I’m willing to hear people who see it as finding their way back to Eden, for example, too. There are lots of ways to understand the building of that kind of relationship.


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