K is for Kick in the Pants – Pagan Blog Project 2014

Hey, folks. so I’m still on “K” and the actual PBP timeline is quite a ways ahead of me (M or N, I think), but I’ll get there eventually.
Today’s letter is for “Kick in the Pants”. I totally thought I’d be writing about Sacred kink or similar, but no such luck. Instead, I’ve been hit by web-omancy, so we’re gonna talk about that.
Do you know what “radiomancy” is? It’s something Miss Sugar does a fair bit. flip on the radio and see what jumps out. In my case, it was clicking a link on twitter and finding this, about 2/3 of the way down the page, courtesy of Kelley Rosano:

“Pluto is opposing the New Moon. Pluto is about power. How you use power. How you own your power or, how you give your power away. This aspect can create power struggles with others and yourself. […] Do not disown your shadow side, feelings of guilt, shame, jealousy. […] You are a powerful creator… Make your desire greater than your resistance and you will get what you want…”
Take charge of your emotions. Be in control of your life. Don’t go down into the mud and struggle with the dark side. Rise up like the break of dawn. Be the victor and not the victim. Do what is right for you. This means follow your own Star. Your Mighty I Am Presence.”

More shadow-dancer stuff.
I read that, and it was like getting a thwack upside the ear. Not a smack upside the head, but definitely… Pay Attention. Especially after the comment I left Miss Sugar yesterday about how that song (see link) resonates with me a lot.
So. I’m paying attention.
I think my next step (along with harvesting a bag of serviceberries this afternoon) is a tarot reading – either the “Key” spread or – more likely – the “Mirror” spread. I might even do both. Let’s find out what else She has to say. 🙂

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