L is for Lunation (Pagan Blog Project 2014) – OR – Full Moon: Serviceberry Moon Crests

Why yes, it’s another two-for-one post because I got Stuff on my mind right now that is eating up a lot of mental bandwidth, if you will.
So here we are.
I’ve been going through my own archives – part of the point of doing these New Moon and Full Moon posts is that, over the course of years (years, plural, already… can you believe it?), I wind up developing something a bit like my own, personal, farmers’ almenac.
That sort of thing means that, when I am surprised to find Ontario pickling cukes at the grocery store early in the middle third of July, I can look back through my “almenac” and discover that, no, actually, this is pretty normal for around here[1].
And, yes, I do have cucumber spears brining in the fridge (and a variety of other Provincial and Neighbourhood produce frozen and bagged in the chest freezer) as a result of my joyful trip to the grocery store (and the nearby alley-ways) yesterday morning.
As mentioned before, Serviceberry Moon is, essentially, “Self Care Moon”.
To that end, I’ve stepped up (or stepped back into) my “yoga practice” (such as it is) through both at-home practice (using free video-classes) and at the local studio where I have a pass (I just tried a Kundalini class, and – baring a couple of issues with the teacher – I think it’s awesome), am continuing to work on The Novel, and am trying to take advantage Ontario’s Yummy Season having arrived by including more (fresh, raw) veggies in our meals.
In slightly more “woo” news, having tried a Kundalini yoga class this morning, I tried making one of the hand gestures (thumb pressed into palm-pad of little finger – basically like you were fisting someone[2]) with both of my hands, pressing my left fist to my heart and my right fist to the crown of my head. I wasn’t sure anything would happen, but when I did it I felt… something. Like a current passing through my throat (from heart to crown) and pulsing as it moved over my larynx.
I’m not at all sure what that means, but I will most likely try it again.
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] Although, while these cukes were definitely grown in dirt (they have the tell-tale yellow blazes along one side that informs me that they ripened on the ground, rather than while hanging from the ceiling in a hydroponic grow-op), they were also likely (a) started in late March, and (b) transplanted to a hoop house – which affords a remarkable amount of protection from cold nights – in order to be ripe at this time. I’m used to having them arrive – planted in ground, from starts, but with no protection – around July 20th. But maybe that’s because I tended to plant my cukes a little late, or else because my container gardening them meant that they didn’t have as much to work with as far as getting grown up was concerned…
[2] In theory, if you do this enough, it’ll strengthen your connection to your intuition and your ability to understand (and, from there, articulate) what you Really Want. Which is always useful, I don’t mind saying. 🙂

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