Daily Archives: July 27, 2014

N is for Nest – Pagan Blog Project 2014

I want a house. I want a piece of land, ideally arable, ideally in (or at least very close to) the neighbourhood I live in now, with a (single-story) house on it that I can own, that I can’t be rent-hiked out of, that will keep my girl and me safely sheltered until we can’t live there anymore, maybe even right up until we die. Somewhere I can grow food. Somewhere I can put down roots without fearing that I’ll have to pull them up again.
And I wonder if I’m not seeing this mythical house – you know, the one where everything is (easy to) tidy and every thing has a place to go home to, where there are no roaches and no bedbugs and no clusters of plastic grocery bags either, where the carpet gets shampooed every February (for real) – if it’s not some kind of a pancea. (Pancea: The persistent idea that, if you can just get (or get rid of) X, you will have No Problems Ever).
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